Weekly Vocaloid Ranking #127 – Vox populi, Vocaloids dei

Vocaloids with guns
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…but the voice of the people is also stated to be the voice of madness, which is very appropriate in the above context, really. </self-deprecation>

Anyway, so I finally got around and refurbished the article’s format a bit, figuring out how to make good use of headers (GASP!) so that I don’t abuse the BOLD-ITALICS-UNDERLINE-ALLCAPS combo… too much… I’ll stop ranting now and just move on to the charts.

I apologize for the lateness. Real Life happened… so to make up for it, comment overcrowding will be overlooked for this article. Not much, I know, but please bear with us. Oh, and BTW, red2 is now red1. *RIMSHOT~!*

Naho’s Opening Statement:

It’s time for this week’s VocaRan. Although it’s almost spring, it’s still cold… Man, I want warm weather already…

This week’s ranking came just before Miku’s Day Thanksgiving Celebration. No matter what, there’s new songs to keep an eye on… I wonder where the songs you like will be ranked?


-This Week’s Editors: Holocauxt, DTKel, Joe Mello, deztora, redemtion2, GreenSage
-Song Stats: Rank-Up, Rank-Down, Unmoved, Unranked, NEW

  • THIS WEEK IN HISTORY: (WVR #74 LINK HERE) This spot is for a look back at the VocaRan one year before. Here are the top five songs from that week.

    • H5: Still samfree…
    • H4: Still TOE-d’aaaaaaaaaaawwww~!!!
    • H3: Still Double Lariat…
    • H2: And finally, Synchronicity part 1… Ah, yes, what really drew me to this song is the stunning artwork (before I discovered it was a web novel).
    • H1: Then we have a revival of sorts since this is mostly the time when Japanese students graduate from high school. I was kinda ticked when this song forced Synchronicity into the 2nd spot, but… oh well.
  • #3: 初音ミク オ リジナル曲 『 Atoms 』 (NEW) – Hmm… meh, nothing special here IMHO… Though I find it interesting that “kokoro” is rendered in the same Katakana as Rin’s KOKORO… +1 point to my meme theory.
  • #2: 【初音ミクdark(+ 巡音ルカ)オリジナル曲】ウタカタ永焔鳥【PV】 (NEW) – Now this is an interesting combination: Miku’s dark append with Luka’s natural lowness… I kinda like it. Helps that the PV looks good, too. So which god does sasakure-san have to pray to to get a number one song? Seriously, even though he’s always getting into the top five… And this was really amazing work…
  • #1: 【初音さん】 サボテンと蜃気楼【オリジナル】 (NEW) – Awwwww… the PV is just too cute! Gonna view the entire thing now, hopefully it doesn’t have a sad ending. ;_; DARN IT!!! TT__TT I knew it… I think I know why such tear-jerking story PVs make it to the top of the WVR in their debut week. Now if you’ll excuse me, I think it’s starting to rain… My theory is if you didn’t cry even a little bit while watching the PV, you have no soul.

In Other Vocaloid News:

The genre-defying, boundary-breaking, sensational and controversial hit “magnet” has finally arrived! From minato (RyuuseiP), “magnet -favorite plus-” will be released from MOER on March 10th!

And of course, March 9th is Miku’s Day Thanksgiving Celebration! Everyone! Let’s make record numbers at the concert!

Final Thoughts/Analysis:

I think if there’s one thing that’s become evident over the course of these rankings with the new system, it’s that popular songs are a lot slower to fall. This means that if a song pops up one week and is gone the next, it was truly a one-hit wonder… whereas before, it seemed like most popular songs were destined for that fate, except for the few lucky ones that got to stick around (and possibly become regulars?).

I like this trend and I don’t. Of course I like it because it means the good songs (and the not-so-good ones that happen to become popular for whatever reason) get more time in the spotlight. I don’t like it only because it means less new songs in the top 30 each week. This is pretty much a non-issue, though, since those slots would most likely just be taken up by other returning songs anyway.

…And so with that, we end this week’s Vocaloid Ranking review. Please join us again next week, and stay tuned for the UtaRan review!

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13 thoughts on “Weekly Vocaloid Ranking #127 – Vox populi, Vocaloids dei”

  1. Too much Miku this week, we need other voices… ><
    Glad that Child's garden, Paridichlorobenzene is still there.
    I enjoy free, 雛逃げ and ウタカタ永焔鳥 though.

  2. Can someone explain what is wrong with the V-ism blog pages? I have to keep hitting the "stop loading" button or else the page will go all blank.

    30 – What? It came back…someone care to explain why? I do like this song though…it makes me cry.
    29 – I really don't think Miku does well with these kinds of songs.
    28 – It's falling…
    27 – It's still surviving…I don't know whether to cheer the song on or let it fall. I do like the song.
    26 – See, I told you it'd survive. It's a trooper.
    25 – I can't understand Japanese but something tells me this song has lyrical dissonance.
    24 – Massive drop, whoa.
    23 – It had a good run, but I still love this song.
    22 – "STOMP THE ENEMY"? A pretty bold statement.
    21 – After one year…
    20 – The song is, as the name implies, forgettable, sadly. Nothing too distinctive about it.
    19 – Argh, I still can't tell what people see in this song.
    18 – Gumi sounds oddly like Miku in this song. BTW, if you like Gumi that much, you'll like "Saigo no Revolver" when it hits the ranking next week.
    17 – Gakupo is doing better than Kaito, still.
    16 – Massive drop.
    15 – What caused this song's massive increase? Really. I still like the song.
    14 – This song basically explains the huge number of fetishists around. Apparently people like a song about Miku getting pregnant.
    13 – It's a troll.
    12 – I actually like this song better than magnet…
    11 – Gratuitous English!
    Pick-Up – Ehhhh.
    10 – Up? Whaaat?
    9 – …who or what resurrected this?
    8 – My perverted mind won't let this go.
    7 – Not much of a drop.
    6 – This is definitely more of a Rin/Len song…
    5 – I'd think more of this song if it was translated.
    4 – I liked DYE but the song unsettled me a bit so this is a nice break. Still, the Engrish…
    History – I'm not familiar with 5…Toeto is Toeto and Double Lariat is Double Lariat…I guess this is when Synchronicity came out…They're making a movie out of Sakura no Ame, but I don't care for it since it's the typical "otaku trying to fit in" story.
    3 – Someone translate please
    2 – Dark 'n jazzy!
    1 – True Art Is Angsty.
    ED – Meh.

  3. @Aster: I am certain you are not the only one who's facing the same issues with the blog pages. I will let KevinayP know about this and see what he can do with it.

  4. What's with everyone hating rank 13?
    The hate was there last week too.
    imo, while I don't like it as much as some of NashimotoP's other songs, it's still pretty catchy.

    I will say I did not cry watching rank 1.
    I did feel really sad, though.
    I guess I lost my soul. 🙁

  5. ffffff, I was hoping "free" would get into the top 3, but I guess my hopes were shot down. (and yes, it has very horrible engrish but I love the melody to bits.)

    Overall an alright week? Can't say I was excited about any other new releases.

  6. (Well, it looks like I can finally comment! I wrote this comment two days ago and saved it in a WordPad file just so I wouldn't have to do it again. I was a bit tired when I wrote it, so I regret some of the opinions expressed here. Come to think of it, I regret a lot of things I write when I'm tired.)

    If you're willing to overlook comment overcrowding and treat it like a good thing, why limit it in the first place?

    My thoughts:

    30: I'm seeing mentions of a CD in the comments, so I assume that's why it's up. Of course, I'm not tracking what CDs are released, so I'm probably wrong.
    29: I find shiteyanyo cute in a very, very weird way. It's ugly-cute. Most of the time.
    28: This probably won't end up staying much longer. Shame, it's an okay song.
    27: Looks like WEU just won't give up. Still, it's slowly dropping, so this is probably a futile effort.
    26: You know what, I don't think this song is bad at all. The lyrics, though, just really turn me off from it. It's also one of those songs that regular status actually hurts, it's pretty good on the first listen but gets really annoying after so many repeats.
    25: Call me a hypocrite since I like Rollin' Girl, but I think Miku's singing too high for me to enjoy this.
    24: …and it falls just as unexpectedly as it rose. Anyone have any idea why it rose so much?
    23: Somehow, I doubt that this will stay for a while.
    22: The background music is underwhelming and Miku's voice doesn't go well enough with it. I don't think this is going to stay either.
    21: For a song that says "from now on I'll move around", it sure isn't moving that much.
    20: "Forgotten" is right. This isn't that memorable for me.
    19: 3.13% isn't that big of a boost for a CD coming out.
    18: Gumi just sounds odd in this song. I don't like it that much, it sounds a bit like it was made up as it went. But I'm just judging by the clip, so the rest might not be like this, so disregard me.
    17: This just refuses to leave. Why does the cover of the parody, out of all things, stay?
    16: There's something about a 1/6 clone on 16 that amuses me.
    15: I just saw the whole song and it is amazing.
    14: Looks like things are going back to normal.
    13: Guys, could you stop the hate on the song? I like it.
    12: It's going up slowly but steadily. I wonder if it'll be on the top 10 at any point?
    11: Nothing special, honestly.
    Pickup: There are so many cute songs out there that I'm getting desensitized.
    10: This reminds me of the two times Melt hit third place while already cemented in regular status. They just don't do that anymore.
    9: A million views certainly didn't do this to other songs, unless I'm missing something. This isn't even that big of a hit compared to those long-standing ex-regular songs, so what's the deal?
    8: Well, at least it's in the top ten. This song is great.
    7: No idea why this one is higher. When you notice the glitching in Luka's voice, it becomes painful to listen to. Like a…knife.
    6: Too fast. Other songs can be fast and pull it off, but this is just too fast. Sorry.
    5: I don't care for this one. There's just something missing about it.
    4: It's pretty nice, but for some reason Luka sounds like Len, unless Len is in here and I'm missing it…
    H5: Visually more impressive than musically.
    H4: Toeto needs to be a regular. No, seriously. It doesn't deserve to lurk under 100th place.
    H3: …Seriously. Can't they use another clip for the History segment?
    H2: Yeah, yeah, great art, but not enough for me to like it.
    H1: In my opinion, this is the most overrated Vocaloid song ever. It's not very impressive, honestly.
    3: The electric guitar in the background (sort of drowned out by the instruments) is interesting, but that's it.
    2: I wish this song fit the video like Nebula so it could be amazing.
    1: I knew this would happen when I saw this top the Ranking Watcher for a while and then fall off. I'll wait for the subs to come out to watch the whole thing, but thanks for the warning.

    I've been seeing some mentions of an Utatte Mita ranking. Any idea on where to find that? Nobody who speaks English seems to care about its existence except here, so I'm out of luck searching on my own.

    1. I personally don’t treat overcrowding as a bad thing. I just gave the other editors’ suggestions a try.

      (though, to be honest, the monstrosity that happened a couple of weeks ago was kinda too much…)

      You can try and search 歌ってみた ランキング on NND. Dunno if that will work (office IP block won’t allow me to go to NND ATM).

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