Weekly UTAU Ranking #69 – Two more years! And beyond!

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I… somehow get the feeling I’ve been one-upped… Hmm. Well anyway. Let’s avoid the obvious jokes one could make about this week’s ranking and just focus on the good stuff, yes? No, wait, that didn’t come out right– oh, I give up.

UTAU has been out for two whole years already… feels like just yesterday I was listening to UTAU songs on youtube (this is before I learned youtube sucked compared to NND) and wondering how people could put so much effort into something with such little chance of any gratitude or recognition being given back. And now here I am, toiling away every week to bring all of you the best UTAU Ranking coverage I can, even though only a single-digit number of people actually care outside of Aster and CK. Funny how life works sometimes.

But enough about irony. Onto the ranking!

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Welcome to the news corner. Here is the new voicebanks section. This week we have ten new voicebanks, but since Kiyu was in the ranking, here are the other nine.

Kawazuya Tao (the original video was deleted, so use this link instead)
(currently unnamed)
Enpitsune Linda
Chen Nokogiri
Kumone Kana
Sogone Shizu
Higure Kiki
(currently unnamed)
(*there is no kana spelling given for the last name, and there are too many combination possibilities for me to feel comfortable guessing. I apologize for any inconvenience)


A lot of points this week, which caused there to be very few stuff in the Extra Ranking (something that nearly made me flub up the Ranking format and made dez worry her head off about both of our sanities when I panicked). Most of the UTAU this week were of the same old crowd, though more Yufu (and Ruko~) would be nice. Still taking offense at the fact my UTAU seems to never be mentioned but this is the last week I’ll complain. If anyone can tell me what I’m doing wrong I’d appreciate it! Seriously, they pick a chainsaw and not mine?

It’s not that they pick and choose; something must’ve gone wrong in the process… anyway. Another great week. Higher scores overall is something I’m really happy with, but something to note is that although Teto didn’t claim the number one spot this week, she showed up just about everywhere else! Almost the entire first half was Tetoriffic, and her improv Momo song landed her in the top three. Looks like you can’t keep the doriru away for long…

Well, the idea is we want more diversity in the rankings. I don’t mind people using Teto and loving Teto– heck, I like Teto– as long as she’s not the only one around. The UtaRan SP ranking was released a few days ago, and most of the songs were Teto songs. Most of the top ten were Teto songs. This isn’t surprising, but it is still a bit disheartening. Still, there were a lot of old faces returning this week, and for that and the higher point values, I’d say overall, this was a pretty good week.

Speaking of the SP Ranking, we plan on bringing you coverage of that as well. There will be defeats and triumphs! Romance! Comedy! Drama! Controversy! Se– no wait, none of that… Be sure to tune in for our UtaRan SP Ranking special! (what do you mean it’s not redundant)

Higher points? I thought it went lower… Also the emergence of Vocaloid and UTAU union is still strong, and my hopes of group songs were accomplished for now. I’m enthusiastic about the Sp, but some of the results were not expected….Also, not many extras for the Ranking. Why would that be? last but not least, HAPPY 2ND ANNIVERSARY UTAU! -gets out the party poppers-

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9 thoughts on “Weekly UTAU Ranking #69 – Two more years! And beyond!”

      1. Yeah, number five. :> I'm her voice donor and designer. I wanna say she came out around May/June of 2009, but as a Mac user, I can't actually use her myself so I just kind of tossed her out there and hoped that someone would like her. 🙂

        1. How on earth do you make an UTAU as a Mac user…?
          And can you help me? Because my UTAU didn't make the ranking and yours did, so can you tell me what you did when you uploaded the video? I need to know what I did wrong.

          1. I recorded the voice clips and sent them to a friend, who did the programming part.

            And, I didn't upload the video because I am not responsible for the song. Suteru-san downloaded Arika and apparently decided to use her in an original song. Suteru-san is probably the one who uploaded the video.

            Rankings are based on the video's popularity. It is difficult to make ranking.

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