-Project DIVA- DLC Info Update, Official -Project DIVA- 2nd Website Now Up

Image source: CHRIS

Information from 4Gamer has revealed that the price for the first Hatsune Miku -Project DIVA- DLC pack is set to be at 2,000 yen with taxes included and scheduled for release on March 25th 2010. And here’s the full song list below:

1/6 -d2 mix- by VocaloidP
Nisoku Hokou by DECO*27
celluloid by baker remix:Aether_Eru
Uraomote Lovers by wowaka (GenjitsutouhiP)
Alice-DIVA mix by FullkawaP
Uta ni Katachi Hanaikeredo by doriko
SPiCa by TokuP
Puzzle by KuwagataP
Hello, Planet by sasakure.UK

Also, the official website for the -Project DIVA- sequel is now up and you can go to the website here.

Info source: 4Gamer

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6 thoughts on “-Project DIVA- DLC Info Update, Official -Project DIVA- 2nd Website Now Up”

  1. LOL I totally see magnet for the squeal.
    Seriously the line on the picture is 魅惑の時に酔いしれ溺れたい and the first picture says "magnet" on the top left corner. IF THEY ALLOW FOR DUETS…. WILL WE GET CENDERILLION!? God I hope so.

  2. oh and another thing,The DLC will come with two mini-games. One for Hello Planet and one for TOETO. And the PV modes will have "high polygon models" according to the CM.

    1. What?!
      The Hello Planet game Sega talked about will be just a mini game for Project Diva?

      My hopes were crushed ;_;

  3. DT,

    I can’t believe this. Really great news. Have you bought it already?

    Philip Morgan

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