Weekly Vocaloid Ranking #128 – Extreme Makeover, Vocaloid Edition

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Vocaloid NND Weekly Ranking: LINK HERE
Weekly Vocaloid Ranking #127 “Unselected”: LINK HERE

First off, welcome to the new and improved WVR review article format version 5.2 (WHEW~!!!). Because of the new History link added last week, we  are now able to give comments to the songs a little bit earlier than the actual ranking. This new format should also technically allow for all the editors to comment without looking overcrowded and cluttered. But then, that reminds me: where in the world are the other editors!? I haven’t seen them for the past couple of days now. Maybe they’ll come around later. </morning rave>

Anyways, let’s get it on with this week’s chart. From what I can see from the NND ranking, we got a few interesting songs this week. All I can say is, “so I herd yu liek meidos…”

Naho’s Opening Statement:

Good evening everyone; it’s time for this week’s VocaRan.

To the people who went to and watched the Miku’s Day Celebration, good job! It seems we really blew them away!

Thirty-nine songs, one right after the other, the possibility of hurting yourself or your voice going hoarse… I hope Miku and the others can rest now that they’re not busy… I hope they’ll be okay. Not to mention, will the aftermath of this affect the whole ranking as well…?


-Editors: Holocauxt, DTKel, Joe Mello, deztora, redemtion2, GreenSage
-Song Stats: Up (↑), Down (↓), Unmoved (→), Unranked (–), New (!!)

In Other Vocaloid News:

March is filled with CD releases too. This week watch out for the release of these three titles.

LOiD-02 -postrock- LOiD’s MiND
-electronica- LOiD’s TECNiCA
March 17th release

Also, the append Miku users have been waiting for, “MIKU Append” pre-orders have begun! With the five new varieties of expression for Miku for you to use, how much will people do with this power of expression…? Look forward to it!

It’s planned release is in April. It’s almost here!

Final Thoughts/Analysis:

<insert editor comments here, otherwise kindly delete/remove>

Heh, who’da thunk I’d be able to use all of my new chart notations the same week I introduced them? Talk about a lucky break for me.

…And so with that, we end this week’s Vocaloid Ranking review. Please join us again next week, and Big Balls. Alright! Alright! A more appropriate closing… stay tuned for the UtaRan.

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13 thoughts on “Weekly Vocaloid Ranking #128 – Extreme Makeover, Vocaloid Edition”

  1. I’m leaving another comment later (I’m currently at school, can’t watch the ranking).
    I was expecting Rollin’ Girl to have a bigger springup because of the new PV, but meh. And Saigo no Revolver is awesome.

  2. I can't think of anything witty to say here. Which is weird, because I could've sworn I had an idea of what to say a few hours ago. I'm now going to start reviewing this ranking before I slip into redundancy:

    30: There are far too many songs about love out there. Seriously.
    29: Uh oh. Looks like people are beginning to get over this one. (Understatement of the week…)
    28: I'm going to bet people only like this one for the visuals, because the song itself isn't that impressive. Also, even though I can't hear her in this clip, this is the first song with Lola to ever get on the ranking, which means that now every original Vocaloid has gotten in the top 30. The more you know!
    27: Yeah, I expected this. It doesn't have that big of an appeal.
    26: And just when I thought I'd never see it again… (don't get me wrong, I like Melt)
    25: Why has this song been resurfacing recently? When watching through the most recent VocaRan videos, it revived several times. I understand why it did this time, but why so many times and why now?
    24: PCB is too catchy for its subject matter.
    23: You know, I don't like this song all that much. Why was it popular?
    22: Double Lariat is so stable that it bores me.
    21: I don't like this one. No idea why. There's just something about it.
    20: You'd think with all the hate it's getting, this one wouldn't live three weeks.
    19: I find it ironic that the one at third place ended up being the most successful.
    18: …I can never win.
    17: This doesn't seem to be boosted much, surprisingly.
    16: Too many high notes for my taste.
    15: Let me ask this: What is the appeal in this song? It can't be for the fast pace because the original has that covered, and not the lyrics because the Kaito version of the parody has the same lyrics (as far as I know). So why is everyone flocking to the Gakupo version?
    14: I don't like this one. Sorry. It doesn't live up to his other works.
    13: Looks like this song is going to be tough to kill. Not that I personally have a problem with that, but I know a lot of you do…
    12: This is probably the healthiest regular right now. Why, I don't understand. It's great, but not the best in the world!
    11: It seems that most new songs are mediocre these days. This is no exception.
    PU: Who selected this one? It's not that impressive.
    10: Kinda cute, but not exceptional.
    9: I don't care for it, but I guess it's not my choice as to what's popular.
    8: Deserves the jump it got. That new PV is fantastic.
    7: That huge blow to its score isn't really reflecting on its place, is it?
    6: …Uh…murder…? I didn't notice any murder. Was I not paying enough attention, or was it not in this clip?
    5: Okay, I've got to admit, I've never seen Haruhi and I don't want to. So there.
    4: A new iroha song? It's not really doing it for me. I'll pass.
    H5: Especially because this is much better.
    H4: I love this song to death. It's addictive and hasn't gotten old for me yet (after at least a dozen watchings). Now, I will refrain from gushing any further for fear of breaking the page with length.
    H3: I think this one is okay, but not spectacular. If it was uploaded by someone else, it probably wouldn't have gotten where it was. (And no, I don't mean because the ranking doesn't allow videos uploaded by someone other than the creator.)
    H2: I like it. It's not my favorite or anything, but it's not just another song either.
    H1: Double Lariat was sure successful back in the day…
    3: I don't know what's going on in this video and I've never seen the whole thing, so I'll just say that I like the illustrations. M'kay?
    2: Not that impressive of a song. Only got second because of the video, most likely. Why are so many songs like that?
    1: The ASCII here is certainly odd, but I've got to say that it's well-crafted. I'm not sure what people see in this song, though…

    So both of my predictions from last week ended up being wrong. That song that was at 12 fell off to who-knows-where, and Rollin' Girl boosted itself back into the top 10. Am I unlucky or what? (Nothing against Rollin' Girl intended, I really love the song.)

    1. 15: It's not the song that's making this so popular, it's a Durarara MAD and Durarara has become insanely popular in the mere 10 weeks since it started airing. The lyrics reflect the show pretty well, though I've seen better Durarara MADs. Also, the theme of twisted love is something that's shared between the show and the song.
      And I don't know why people like the Gackupo version better than the Kaito version… other than I think they have slightly different videos.

    2. You're not giving enough credit to Haruhi. It's an awesome series. Even if you don't like the series, at least appreciate the music.

  3. (#30) Baby Love – Solid, cute R&B song. Good stuff from Shake-P as always. I get the feeling this is going to drop fast though. :<
    (#29) take the field – What. WHAAAAT. MyGOD-P featuring Kaito? YESPLZ *flailgasm*
    (#14) Utakata Eien-chou – Wait, don't drop~~~! D: This makes me wanna dance. I- I NEVER WANNA DANCE
    (#11) Railroad Crossing – So happy it made it! 8,D It's excellent stuff, plus it has Gumi as main vocal~~ Been listening to it a lot this past week.
    (Pickup) Ooh, very pretty. :<
    (#10) Wonderful Days – Nice, catchy tune.
    (#9) free – Hm, is AVTechNO's a regular now? This one makes me think of simultaneous translation. Except not really. The bit of "DYE" at the beginning is pretty neat~ ^^ My main beef is how short it feels. It leaves me wanting more.
    (#8) Rolling Girl – Got a just as heart-rending PV now. (; A 😉
    (#7) Eye-catching PV for an interesting duet.
    (#6) Saigo no Revolver – The new Machigeriita-P hit. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think it's his first Gumi song. Though tbh, I didn't like it much. .__.
    (#4) Hanayurikago – *SQWEE* Welcome back, sasaki-san! o/ The traditional fusion in this is lovely.
    (H3) Akujiki Musume Conchita – Sequel, really? It's completely unrelated to the Akuno series, afaik. Don't be fooled by the "Aku" in there. Either way, I always thought it was pretty… memorable. :,D
    (#2) Maid no Hoshi kara S.O.S – So, is vocaloid going to get a dating sim now? Because we have an OP ready. "OTL
    (#1) Touching song + WTF?! PV = Success!

  4. My real ranking this time.
    30 – This kind of song doesn't fit Miku's Purity Sue image.
    29 – Whoa huge drop.
    28 – Senior Vocaloids + Haku = awesome
    27 – Huge drop again.
    26 – I'm gonna blame this on 39's.
    25 – Again, 39's.
    24 – Isn't this the third week it's been "unmoved"?
    23 – This troper does not recognize this song!
    22 – Slowly…
    21 – -sniff- CUUUTE
    20 – TROOOOOLL
    19 – I can barely recognize the picture as Luka.
    18 – 39's.
    17 – I blame minato's new CD. It's the only explanation.
    16 – …it…got…picked…up?
    15 – Durarara!! will take over the world someday. The only reason I like it is because the mangaka also illustrated Yozakura Quartet.
    14 – Miku dark and Luka…just…kinda…are.
    13 – I can't grasp why this was doing better than Rolling Girl until recently (Rolling Girl only got a boost due to the PV)
    12 – It's slowly dropping…
    11 – Needs more Gumi.
    Pick-Up – Quite artistic.
    10 – Mehhhhhhh.
    9 – This song makes NO SENSE AT ALL.
    8 – It was the PV, which was completely and totally awesome.
    7 – Like I said last week, Rin and Len would do better than Miku and Gumi.
    6 – Akuno-P returns with this song, which I think makes Gumi completely and totally badass. Yes, there's murder, but come on. She's crying. She doesn't want to kill Gakupo – and that makes the difference.
    5 – Miku flubs up this song horrifically; she cannot meet that same standards Minorin makes when she sings this awesome songs. By the way, I do not think this should even be allowed in the VocaRan. It's basically a bunch of men goofing off in one video.
    4 – Nyuf. iroha(sasaki) does much better with more action-like songs…like Roshin Yuukai. Not soft like this.
    History – Roshin Yuukai…again. DOES NOT RECOGNIZE 4…I do like Akujiki Musume Conchita, but I must agree with quatre; it has no relationship to the Aku no series (it is however one of Akuno-P's several songs dealing with the "Seven Deadly Sins"; Aku no is greed, Tailor Shop at Enbizaka/Yandere Luka is envy, and this one is gluttony…Never liked Graffiti; it bored me. And of course Double Lariat again.
    3 – -sniff- I am crying. I am crying.
    2 – Rin as a maid…er…
    1 – ASCII! Woot!
    ED – Bleh. Ievan Polkka rose from 133…I noticed a lot of songs came back from the grave.

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