Weekend Spotlight – Race to Ten Million

artist: Saya

Nico Nico Douga hit 10 Million uploads last Friday night, nearly approximately 3 years and 1 week after the site went live.  It’s a major milestone and everyone involved at Niwango should be proud.  So who got the magic 10 Million?  Click the jump and find out.

Here’s your winner. Unfortunately, it can’t be embedded, but there it is.  Nicopedia has a nice article about the milestone.  I find it interesting that only 38% of the 1000万 videos have survived.

Here are a couple of Vocaloid songs that got close, but missed.

Also getting close was a medley of songs from Giving Day.  You can get started here.

Too busy ripping up my brackets to follow the charts.  Will do better next week. >_<

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