Weekly UTAU Ranking #72 – Birthday Doriru BEAM!

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In a few days, we will celebrate the birth of someone who is even now considered (incorrectly) as another one of the Vocaloids: Kasane Teto, the flagship UTAU with the doriru hair and chimera wings who won the hearts of people all over with her desire to sing.

Needless to say, that means the number of Teto songs should increase exponentially until the time comes. –Is what I would say, except, it seems that this week that is not the case?! Well, look on to find out!

Sorry for the wait. It’s time for this week’s UtaRan.

This Thursday April 1st is Teto’s 30th– I’m sorry, her second birthday. Don’t forget that in celebration of this there’s the “Twin Drill” event on March 31st and the 24-hour Nico Live broadcast from April 3-4. I’ll be sure to check them out as well.

On that April 1st, there’s the large-scale pranks that open their websites to the public every year, and that becomes one of the topics for the new year, doesn’t it?

Last year’s was about VocaRan’s Naho being animated; what a story that was, huh? I wonder what surprise lays in store for us this year?

If it’s about UTAU, let’s see… oh yes, how about a game where Teto-san, Ruko and Ritsu are the heroines, or something to that effect…

No, what am I saying… ahaha…

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Here’s this week’s topic. First is CD news. From the same people who brought you cosmodriver, sowaka-chan and such on DVD “LOiD,” “LOiD2” will be released on two CDs at the same time on March 17th. Of those, the first one, “LOiD-02-electronica- LOiD’s TECNiCA” has akayakaP featuring Momone Momo for the song “Kimi no Ondo.”

The last time a CD made using UTAU as well was last November’s release of ラマーズP’s best. Make sure you check the CDs out, okay?

(The song used in the background for This Week’s Topic is from akyakaP, called Voyage. You can listen to it here. Nice, isn’t it?)

Continuing on, next is this week’s new voicebank section… except, first are more apologies. We somehow missed two other voicebanks, so they’ll be grouped in with this week’s as well.

Well, here are this week’s voicebanks. There are 23 new voicebanks since Shin and Rera were in the ranking. Since there’s so many, I hope we didn’t miss any this time…

Suruga Kei
Tsumane Lala
Awami Upa
Wakane Fuku
(currently unnamed)
Kaine Soru
Utake Kochiro
(currently unnamed) <==it's "above"! Up above the world so high!! Not “OVER”!!
Sada Mashi
Alexander (Alexandria) and Wakana Yuu
Midorine Sui
Wakana Yuu
Kemonone Rou
Sakurane Pink
Kyoune/Hibikine Haine*
Choune Allegretto
Shikabane Enishi
Nagareboshi Yue


YES, I CAN SEE MORE MALE ENTRIES IN THE UTAU RANKING! -ahem- Also, I hope to see more of Ron and Lela-san. also, congrats to Yufu to gettng top places in the rankings, very well deserved. And happy belated birthday to Macne Nana and her Petit counterpart! Also, happy early birthday to Kasane Teto! Huzzah! I expect a rush in the next week. And I’m really sorry for my absence. Real life is a pain, a really bad beginning for me in the year of 2010 ._.

Also, keep up the comments! That is all!

I have to say, I’m really surprised at the lack of Teto in the charts. I mean, yeah she’s there, and yeah she’s got a bunch of songs, but that’s… normal levels of doriru. Maybe they’re going to pop up next week, since they will be released closer to/on her birthday instead? Either way, it’s not a big deal, I just found it strange.

-runs in panting- I’m not late!

Find it ironic that Ruko is the cover icon this week when she gets little to no UTAUran coverage. Happy birthday Teto. April Fool’s Day…Wonder if there’ll be a new VIPPER around this time.

Well, it was a nice week with a nice healthy mix of UTAU (besides Ruko and Ritsu, funnily enough). And maybe VIPPER will bring us a newcomer.

(Personally, I find it strange and suspicious that Mitani Nana is releasing an UTAU on April Fool’s Day… hmm.) Stay tuned for more UTAU goodness~!

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6 thoughts on “Weekly UTAU Ranking #72 – Birthday Doriru BEAM!”

    1. Haha, TBH, I don't like it as much as "slight light." It's a good song, but… nothing too grabbing. I am happy Yufu's getting used a lot though. 8D

      1. Yeah, I love slight light (a lot) more, but little bird is still nice.
        Yufu may be becoming my favorite UTAU.

        1. I kinda got burned out for slight light, so I like little bird more now… I really liked how slight light was one of the monthly vocaloid ranking's pickups though

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