Happy 2nd Birthday to Kasane Teto!

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Today is a very special day for UTAU fans, for today we celebrate the birth of the pioneer UTAU herself, Kasane Teto. Although she began as a mere April Fool’s joke, she’s become a real character, loved by thousands of people. Here are some videos and pictures to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of Teto’s creation, after the break. (UPDATE: No longer just an April Fool’s joke! Now a real article!)

First, here are some videos made with Teto over the past year.

If you’re wondering why さよならの瞬き isn’t here, it’s because that was uploaded for Teto’s birthday last year (even though it was a bit late), and was therefore ineligible.

Next we have some songs that were uploaded to celebrate Teto’s birthday this year. First is a video that leads into a Kasane Teto birthday video tour, so click here if you want to surf through Teto birthday videos but don’t want to actually look for them. This goes through a LOT of videos, though, so be warned (most of them are pretty good, but still). Some videos listed below might show up in the tour too, so watch for that.

Next we have a few specially selected birthday videos. Sorry, no Mitani Nana.

This video is actually a continuation of a similar video uploaded for Teto’s birthday last year; it’s an UTAUxIdolm@ster crossover. Both videos are very good, and here’s the first one if you want to watch it.

I tried to keep all covers out of this list, but these two are covers of the same song– “Kokoro”– but both change the words to fit Kasane Teto, and both are very good. The latter changes the lyrics more drastically than the former, but both are worth listening to.

And last but definitely not least, here are some birthday illustrations for the thirty-one thirty-three two-year-old UTAU.

Source: chizora*胃薬は友達

Source: james

(Source: みなせ渚

Source: ゆーも@修行中

Source: キムラムツキ*

Source: nerina

Source: 氷魚

Source: sawa

Once again, happy birthday Teto; we’re glad you’re here, and we hope to hear more great songs from you in the future.

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