Weekly Vocaloid Ranking #131 – The April Fool’s week

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So yeah… I really have nothing interesting to say. I haven’t been listening to Vocaloid songs until very recently (thanks to chibikarla), and I’ve slowly gone back to my original pastime: FPS gaming. I’m especially excited about going back to gaming since one of favorite indie development team, Runestorm, is finally releasing The Crucible on UDK complete with delicious bloody gore!

But I digress… I am expecting a lot of squeeing fangirls for this week’s ranking review thanks to a certain Vocaloid song… And on the V-blog side of the news, we’ll be temporarily replacing red2 (since he hasn’t been showing up for a while now) with a new translator to help lighten deztora‘s workload. Her name is rebecca… hope you guys treat her well. As for red2, if you want to get your position back, please,  just post on the forums once in a while.

Naho’s Opening Statement:

Hi, everyone. It’s time for the first vocaran of April. On this year’s April Fool’s Day, I found only a few pranks. I wonder why…

Anyway, with the news about Teto, people seemed to enjoy the annual event this year as well. This week’s ranking also gets influenced from it a bit… maybe?

Ok, let’s get started.


-Editors: Holocauxt, DTKel, Joe Mello, deztora, rebecca, GreenSage
-Song Stats: Up (↑), Down (↓), Unmoved (→), Unranked (–), New (!!)

In Other Vocaloid News:

All Miku users waiting for this additional audio library, Hatsune Miku Append. Its release day is April 30th! Finally!

People will be able to use Miku and get greater and richer emotional expression. Will it open up more possibilities? Can’t wait!

Final Thoughts/Analysis:

Woo! I cannot wait for the end of the month with the Miku Append!

…And so with that, we end this week’s Vocaloid Ranking review. Please join us again next week, and LADIES MOVE YOUR SKIRTS!!! (bonus point to anyone who knows where that quote came from)

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19 thoughts on “Weekly Vocaloid Ranking #131 – The April Fool’s week”

  1. I miss paradichclorobenzene and double lariat!!! )= !!! u,u
    Don`t like this week there is miky everywhere

  2. So, what happened to that little prediction two weeks ago that Double Lariat would stay years from now? (About the other regular that's dead this week (as far as I know, I didn't dig too deep), I hope Aster is happy.)

    30: What, again?
    29: Oh, come on, this song is amazing! It doesn't deserve to be all the way down here!
    28: And this one is still pretty, but I guess prettiness isn't enough.
    27: That's gotta be the lowest gain ever.
    26: It's okay, I guess…
    25: Seven.
    24: I doubt this will last another week.
    23: It seems that when they're not plaguing the ranking with songs that seem to only exist for the art, Rin users like making my ears bleed.
    22: Another one I can see going next week.
    21: Pretty upbeat and not too novelty. There needs to be more of that, since Miku keeps getting all this serious stuff.
    20: More sakura-ness. Rather boring.
    19: Looks like it's attempting a high-energy song. And failing. Sorry.
    18: Now that I compare this to other songs, it's rather good.
    17: I hope Miku doesn't inherit the Rin trend.
    16: Also sounding better compared to other songs.
    15: Please fall off.
    14: I wouldn't mind if this left, too, but I don't particularly want it to.
    13: Rin sounds like Len here.
    12: Not impressive, aside from that subtitle. Oh well.
    11: This is refreshing after so many boring songs and a few regulars.
    Pickup: Eh. Like 19.
    10: Way too busy for my taste.
    9: Hits too many high notes. The Kagamines nearly never sound good with high notes.
    8: Different, but mediocre.
    7: Robotic, but I guess that fits with the theme of the song.
    6: I didn't really hear enough of this to judge it properly.
    5: So I assume this is the fangirl-squee-making song? It's not doing much for me.
    4: …Uh.
    H5: At least we get to see it in History.
    H4: Oh, fishsticks, I have to comment on this song again? I can't think of anything…
    H3: I'm not in the mood for this right now.
    H2: Nor this. I like it, but right now it's just ear-bleeding.
    H1: I never favored this song. Breakup songs don't appeal to me very well.
    3: Interesting art style, but the music isn't too impressive.
    2: Still here? Well, it deserves it, being amongst the sea of garbage we've been wading through recently…
    1: Eight. Ugh. Just when I thought everyone was learning not to judge a song by the art.

    Are the obscenity rules actually defined? This question seems to be out of the blue, but it came from seeing the thumbnail for 115 and my train of thought spiraled from there.

    If that seems like a weird note to close this on, that's because it is and I can't think of a proper ending. Oh well.

    1. About Double Lariat: I am very, very surprised this fell off. All signs pointed to it being solid; its position wasn't being compromised in the least. It was a Luka song, too, so its position was not near as tentative as Len's was (since Len is a boy and therefore less popular). So yeah, this really threw me for a loop. Paradichlorobenzene, not so much. I knew it'd only be a matter of time. =(

      Now, do you actually have a set of rules for what gets deemed 'throwaway' and what doesn't? It doesn't seem to make any sense to me that you deem good songs 'throwaway' just because you, I don't know, have something against the art. The art isn't even that good in the case of LiveP's songs and this week's number one. It's so-so. How does the art in any way overshadow the GOOD song? (For "Unbalance," I don't think it's the art, I think it's the starpower from a famous P that got it its fame.)

      I actually think -you- need to stop judging a song by the art. If you have something against the art, just minimize the window. That's what I do with LiveP's songs anyway, since the art is so cutesy-bright I can't stand it, and his songs are too awesomesauce for that.

      1. I have nothing against good art. What I have a problem with is when the art is better than the song. In my opinion, a lot of recent songs have followed this trend, but not all (such as Monochrome Blue Sky, which has some great art and I like it a lot musically).

        I've been counting all Rin songs that have popped up seemingly as a "follow-the-leader" to Unbalance (despite the meido song coming earlier, it didn't have any big impact on this trend). The song at first place this week, despite the artwork, still carries the same general style, so I counted it.

        It's not specifically these songs I'm opposed to. This is a rather dull period in the VocaRan and I'm not getting very impressed by songs anymore. After watching all the videos 1.3 times, I built some fairly high standards. They're not impossible, I will note, because there are still the rare few newer songs that impress me.

        1. If there’s anything I learned from MTV and getting beer goggles on occasion, is that a good visual signature helps the song, no matter the quality of the art. Look at Meltdown, its PV is (was?) PERFECT. In contrast, even though Magnet had a single static image, that very image still helped boost its popularity (and practically becoming a meme in the Vocaloid community). I don’t even understand how a good visual can make the song sound dull in comparison.

          1. Just because I think some songs are dull in comparison to their PVs doesn’t mean that the PV made them dull. Some songs are indeed enhanced by visuals, but in my opinion, the post-Unbalance flood just failed with that. Yes, many of them had good videos. No, it doesn’t really help with the song quality, and, frankly, there’s a problem whem the video is better than the song.

  3. Boring week.
    30 – Nana’s song did it. Most definitely. I seriously think the sequels to this song are better than the original…
    29 – WHOA HUGE DROP. Aw, it’s an awesome song!
    28 – …eh.
    27 – -is staring at song waiting for it to fall-
    26 – Calm and soothing.
    25 – WTF are Rin and Len doing?
    24 – Song was forgettable.
    23 – Whoa…that picture’s weird…song’s forgettable.
    22 – “water fulfills my heart”. Huh.
    21 – Eh.
    20 – Bleh.
    19 – Whut.
    18 – Fanservice.
    17 – Huh.
    16 – Chain Girl…yay!
    15 – At least the Durarara!! parody died…
    14 – Die.
    13 – Did they try to intentionally make Rin sound male?
    12 – Very subtle message, Miku. I totally feel the love.
    11 – Mou ikkai, mou ikkai! The only song I passionately like in this ranking.
    Pick-Up – Bleh.
    10 – I think the song’s a little off beat, but okay…
    9 – @Shortcake I’m fine with Rin being high, it’s Len who triggers the issue.
    8 – Meh.
    7 – So-so Len song again.
    6 – Meh.
    5 – All-male chorus. NICE.
    4 – Whuuuut.
    History – Double Lariat, Roshin Yuukai, Noroi no Megane, odd song requiring Brain Bleach, and from Y to Y. I have confirmed it – songs stayed in the Top 5 much longer and much more easily back then.
    3 – Schoolgirl Miku…
    2 – Odd Schoolgirl Miku…
    1 – Bleh.
    Again, odd boring strange stupid ranking and kind of a waste of time.
    And I predict Romeo and Cinderella will return because of the new PV (which, by the way, is awesome).

  4. Hi, guys, Im rebecca, a new editor^^
    Nice to meet you!
    I havent gotten used to this blog things, so cant edit stuff right now, but I did translations for deztora.:)

    1. Well, just PM it to me or DK on the forums and we will add them for you when we are online. Just ask us on PM if you are in doubt.

  5. (#29) Hatsune Miku no Kowaku
    It's falling too faaast! D:

    (#17) Sakura Saku
    Sounds livetune-ish. Which is a very good thing if you ask me.

    (#13) trick art!
    Dateken. Vocajazz. :DDDDD *SQUEE* Dateken's Rin is my personal favorite. He takes away everything that tends to grate me in her voice~

    (#8) mugs
    New Furukawa-P. Totally a happy camper here.

    (#5) Your highness ☆ My princess
    Vhy vhy vhy~ IT'S THE BOKARO BOYSSS YO
    About time something like this popped up! Cx Okay, this is not my style at.all. – I have the hardest time keeping a straight face while listening to boys bands… Even when they're my favorite digital dudes~ :C That said, I have to concede this is an extremely well-made piece of work. Keep rollin', panpan-san. A belated answer to Battle Royale Valentine? … White Day was three weeks ago gaiz D: Although you should be good this time…

    (#4) Usotsuki no Merry-Go-Round
    More jazzy vibes? lovelovelove <3

    (H4) One-room Disco
    Brain bleach? … Oh yeah, that weird strip show. I agree there. Music is fab tho, I wish yuukiss made more. :C

    1. Aaack it's really pantan ;___;
      Did I just qualify Usotsuki no Merry-Go-Round as "jazz-y"? Huh. Must have been wishful thinking. Dunno where my mind wandered off to while I was typing.

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