Weekly Vocaloid Ranking #133 – Dead Holo Day

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Shamelessly ripping off Megatokyo aside, it looks as though some of the V-blog editorial staff are indisposed at the moment: deztora is getting busy with real life that she can’t deal with the UtaRan for a while.

Anyways, on to the Vocaloid-related stuff… This week, looks like a certain Vocaloid will become relevant again.

Naho’s Opening Statement:

It’s time for this week’s Vocaran. Last week, because of my master’s illness, there were many bad transitions, making it hard to watch. I sincerely apologize to you for the mistakes. My master seems to be better now, so we will continue Vocaran as usual. Thank you for your understanding.

As it’s already April, it is so weird that it gets colder and even snow lays in some areas. Hey, the long holiday is coming, everyone! Pull yourself together! Ok, let’s get started from 30th!

(from rebecca: You may or may not have noticed, but there was a tag saying “The uploader got ill” on the last week’s Vocaran because of the bad transitions he made on the video especially for Top 3. It is said he was sick, but yea, who knows?^^ The long holiday she’s talking about here is a Japanese public holiday called “Golden week” from April 29th through May 5th. It’s one of the longest holiday in Japan)


-Editors: Holocauxt, DTKel, Joe Mello, deztora, rebecca, redemtion2, GreenSage
-Song Stats: Up (↑), Down (↓), Unmoved (→), Unranked (–), New (!!)

    This spot is for a look back at the VocaRan one year before. Here are the top five songs from that week.

    • H5: Having a slight feeling that this song will turn up in -Project DIVA- 2nd… I am *hoping* so, it would be a pity if it doesn’t.
    • H4: <no comment>
    • H3: <no comment>
    • H2: Can’t wait to play this in PD2.
    • H1: And here we have Romeo and Cinderella’s debut.
  • #3: 【カバー】GUMI で「さよならメモリーズ」【supercell】 (!!)
    Finally!!! GUMI is back on the map! Though she had to cover a preexisting song for this one, the next one is original and a whole lot better. This one’s not bad at all even though it’s a cover, I quite like GUMI’s voice for this song. Sayonara Memories is one of my favorites of supercell. The cover is very good~
  • #2: 【GUMI】 弱虫モンブラン【オリジナル曲PV付】 (!!)
    GUMI… being yandere for sweets… sound like a plan to me! It’s not hard to judge how many people actually enjoyed it looking at the over 10+ re-uploads on YT just for this song. It had a great run. I’ll be sad to see it fall next week.
  • #1: 初音ミクオリ ジナル曲 「初音ミクの暴走(LONG VERSION)」 (!!)
    Argh!!! This classic song actually got a long version!? Who knows maybe this song will stay for quite some time to come… *Holds in rant until the final thoughts section.*

In Other Vocaloid News:

Here is a CD info as many expect. DECO*27, well known with “Haruichi” in this week’s History and “Nisoku Hokou”, will release his debut album “Souaiseiriron” on 21th April from Third-Ear.

As the release day of Miku Append is coming closer, it’s getting busy around here. Will the end of April be a festival like we had on last Luka’s birthday…?

Thank you for watching till the end. See you next week.

Final Thoughts/Analysis:

All righty. Let’s get this thing started, since I had 504 errors when trying to get in yesterday. Didn’t we fix that problem with the server move? Meh, whatever. I won’t say that today was a slow day, considering the amount of views for the top five. It was more poorly distributed throughout the countdown. How else could a 44k score get JBF #13, when the last time 47k got it 18th place. Expect a lot of rearranging to happen next week, as I predict there will be a lot more people going back to their regulars.

And now for my rant on the top three. First off, I’m glad that Supercell himself actually posted this cover instead of one of his cohorts. Anyone remember what happened with the Bakemonogatari cover? Yeah. Glad that wasn’t a repeat. I’m also hoping that DECO*GUMI / GUMI*27 is going to be a match that we will see a lot in the coming months. As for CosMo… okay, seriously, he’s just getting #1 from his name only at this point. Recently all he’s been doing are sequels and long versions that include nods to his previous works, and beating horses that were dead years ago. I did not enjoy this song whatsoever. My wife enjoyed Miku’s pink maid outfit, but other than that it was just a waste of time and my eardrums. If you noticed, it was the least favorited in ratio of the top three this week, not even reaching the former 20x barrier, while both the other tunes held a highly respectable near 30x. What happened this week was a brand name contest.

Hopefully I’ll see you all this weekend for the Weekend Spotlight, lest JM want to take it back, of course. Take it away, Holo!

…And so with that, we end this week’s Vocaloid Ranking review. Please join us again next week, and- *dies from heat stroke*

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16 thoughts on “Weekly Vocaloid Ranking #133 – Dead Holo Day”

    1. …I really think it's stayed long enough; I'm getting sick of it. Even though it was at one point my favorite song.

  1. Two Gumi songs in the top 3 for this week! Yay! <3

    :Explanations for the rise in popularity of some of the older songs:
    1925 -> Popular singer recog just did a cover
    magnet -> Popular singers Yumo and nayuta just did a cover
    Iroha Uta -> Popular singer Jack did a cover with Tourai helping along
    Disappearance -> cosMo's recent song

    I suspect that we'll see a lot of oldies coming back. It's almost time for SP5. People will probably be doing some last minute botting to ensure that their favorite songs get good spots on the SP5 ranking.
    (Speaking of which, what are everyone's predictions? I think JBF will probably grab a spot in the top 3. It's the strongest of the oldies right now. Two Faced Lovers will definitely be in the top 10 or even top 5. There will also probably be a close race with Hachi's clock lock works pitted against wowaka's Rolling Girl for.. eh, I can't really call the spot but I think it'll be in the top 10. And still no Meltdown. ;_; )

  2. Kind of a… weird week?
    Lots of revivals.

    Rank 2 is definitely my favorite this week.

    I can tell rank 1 isn’t there for it’s music…

  3. 30) B'aw. Nice to finally see something mainstream with her in it. -is a sucker for little kids in disaster situations-

    29) Hmmm…~ I kinda like. -is also a sucker for japanese-y sounding things like this-

    28) Arg.

    27) When i got into the Vocaloid scene, this was old, so I'm growing to like it lately.

    26) Ehhh… To screetchy for me I guess. It's not hyper, nor is it… anything. i dunno. To genre-less.

    25) Uhm. Kay.

    24) I don;t even know. What is this? Part of that feris wheel series?

    23) Whoa what. Speaking of revivals. But I guess the anime's hyping it.

    22) Kinda plain. It sucks when songs have a really pretty, deep meaning in japanese, and we can't speak it, thus can't understand.

    21) Looks like a sequel for JBF to me. With the flowers and all. Probably isn't. It's pretty, at least.

    20) GAWD I LOVE ROLLIN' GIRL. -is Biased. :'D-

    19) Oh Hello. You are new, yes you are. Not bad. Pretty.

    18) Oh. This must be an ED from that anime. Never got into it.

    17) Love this one too. Glad ti got a boost. <3

    16) Aw. Cute PV. Again, i think I'd like it more if I knew what it was saying. Like the music. Very easy going.

    15) Yaaaay~! Paradichlorobenzene. <33

    14) … I wanna like this one, but the actual song and the beginning just.. don't fit at ALL. Pv's nice though, too.

    13) No comment.

    12) OH YEAH. itsn't this the "sequel" to Stray Girl in her Lenses? Might have to cheak out and see if it's subbed yet.

    11) Oh hello. Twincest? I think so. Nothing really special though. Meh. -shrugs_

    Yeah, it's okay. <3 Pretty, at least.

    10) Meh.

    9) I feel like I should like it. But I don't. Not really.

    8) Meh. It's there. -shrug- xD;

    7) AAAAARRRRG LEEEEEN. <3 Hot deep voice why. I haven't downloaded, because I don't like it enough too, but I will fangirl over his hot older voice.

    6) I should download this. I like. <3 As I'm sure by the hype, everyone else does too.

    5) Mm… Kay. It's there? -shrug-

    4) Same as above.

    This Week In History!
    H5: Lol, I giggle every time I see the video removed" overlapper.

    H4: -shrug-

    H3: Loving the picture. And actually.. well. It's nothing special, But I still like it. <3

    H2: The ORIGINAL Purple Butterfly on Your right shoulder. <3 I like Len's Version better but. <3

    H1: Oh is this when this popped up? Has it died yet?

    3) Supercell huh? I gotta say, Gumi's not my favorite. I kind alike the original Crypton's best. The rest of them always sound like a mixture of the originals to me. Like Gumi, sounds like Miku and Luka's love child or something. -shrug- Not that I haven't heard good songs made with her, she's just not my cup of tea in general. Though she does look adorable here.

    2) Although, this is very cute, and good. AH. And I love this animator/song writer/ team whatever they call it. It's by the same people/person who did "World's End Umbrella" and "Two Breath's walking", right?

    1) OH WHERE HAVE I HEARD THIS BEFORE. I know I have somewhere. Same person who did Disappearance.

    xD Haha. I'm good at telling if songs/Pv's are done by the same artist/song writers, I but I can never seem to outright remember their names.

    ED: Song: Meeeh. It exists.

  4. This was a particularly low-scoring week, allowing some of the classic songs to jump into the top 30 or raise their rankings, even while remaining at about the same (or even losing) points. The top six songs still had some sizable point scores, and Gumi gets unlucky once again to take second and third spots this week. Will she get a top-ranking song before her first-year anniversary? Who knows… in two rankings, we'll start to see more Miku with here Append software release.

  5. Actually, World’s End Umbrella and Two Breaths Walking are by different people.
    Person who did this recent Gumi PV did do Two Breath’s Walking, though.

    1. Supercell did not post the cover. It's not in his mylist.
      This cover is by 神無月P.
      I'm guessing redemtion2 got confused by the Supercell in the title. 神無月P put Supercell in the title because that's who the song belonged to.

      1. Yeah, exactly my point. I know this because I actually really like this P's work, so I knew right away who it was. Plus, isn't supercell a band, not just a single person?

        Also, I'd like to know what happened with the Kimishira cover. I don't remember anything happening… Miku's cover got second (or was it third?); GUMI's got second… I don't remember any issues arising. Did I miss something? o.O;

  6. What did happen with the Bakemonogatari cover anyways? I remember it getting 1st place once and dropping off of the face of the earth. It's still one of my favourite songs, and I prefer Gumi's cover to the original.

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