Miku Append – Figure

Earlier last week Masaki Aspy’s blog was updated with more preview images of the Miku figure which was based on the box art of the Miku Append package which will be up for sale on April 30th. For more images on this figure just continue reading after the break.

Currently more information on this figure is unavailable, but we can expect more to be revealed when the Miku Append is officially released on April 30th. We will update again on this then.

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12 thoughts on “Miku Append – Figure”

  1. I don't like the look on her face. It's not Miku in the slightest..It's rather "Ugh. Like, whateverrr." (Although it might be a reaction to this outfit. XD)
    Other than that, it's…uh…different. XD

    1. I love Miku. In whatever form she might be, I'd still love her.
      ↑ That kind of dedication should be planted in Miku fans.

      I'm wondering about the original art-box that inspired this figure instead. redjuice perhaps?

  2. I agree, its not appealing in the least. It gives a sense of the designer being rushed and unsure, doesnt even feel like Miku, or even any VOCALOID that i can think of.

  3. ''Her Only Song re:Birth''

    Seriously? You can't use that thing as a pun. Also, is it just me or the translation is just way too literal? Some of the sentences don't fit well together.
    The Model itself looks good… but I have mixed feelings about this Append stuff. Probably a Live show may or may not make up my mind regarding this whole thing.
    One last thing, get the poor girl a pair of shoes. It's going to be a long road through very rough and cold terrain.

  4. Um…@Walterion? You do realise this figure is based off of the new Miku Append artwork (the namesake of the figure) that was made because she’s being upgraded in that new release, possibly representing the “future” of Vocaloid. That would also explain her skirt being all neon-like, lack of shoes, floating, hair sticking up and so on.
    It features 6 new voicebanks, and she’s the first of this series of releases as there have been confirmed to be more Append releases in the future. (so expect more of those futuristic-like appearances)

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