MikuMikuDance Ver7.0.4 released

I just happened to visit the original author site nonchalantly, when I spotted a Ver7.0.4 release (I remember the last time I wrote about it when it was v5.0 or something.

Anyway what’s new in Ver7.0.4 is:


  • Movement of physics joint on Y axis are restricted in -90<90 degree setting. Should be acknowledged that Bullet joints movement are restricted in -90<90 degree. (In cases where more than 90 degree of movement area are needed, it can be arranged from X or Z axis setting.)
  • “B” key now changes the background into black. When exporting to AVI, the edges area becomes beautiful (?)
  • “Shift” + “V” keys can be used to make a model become completely transparent. If feeling the model shadow is outdated, this function can be used.

Very rough translation indeed, but better than none. Get your own copy of v7.0.4 here.

Should be noted that from v5.0.4 MMD can be switched into English from Help menu → English Mode

2 thoughts on “MikuMikuDance Ver7.0.4 released”

  1. >> Lala
    I was worried in the last part because it doesn’t make sense to me. I’d contact the editor but since whoever put this through (probably Kevin..) didn’t add the opening picture as requested, I say let’s just pass this one..

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