New Vocaloid Codenamed `Lily`

Cover of the CD

Thanks to a “scoop” in DTM Magazine’s latest issue, there have been lots of talk about a new Vocaloid called “Lily” for the past couple of days. According to DTM Magazine, a new Vocaloid, codenamed “Lily,” will be illustrated by KEI. Crypton confirmed via twitter that there is no connection between the new Vocaloid Lily and their company.

The current theory is Lily is being released by AH-Software (AHS) as part of their Vocal Artist series, and the voice source is the lead vocalist of m.o.v.e. (“yuri,” which translates into Lily). It should be noted that although this is most likely, it has NOT been officially confirmed.

The character design that was sketched by KEI and shown in DTM appears on the cover of the CD “anim.o.v.e. 01,” which features such artists as m.o.v.e., Takarano Arika from Ali Project, and AKINO, covering various anime songs. The two on the cover are said to be the members of m.o.v.e.

Sources: Hatsune Miku Miku, Hatsune Miku Shichou no Susume, CloseBox and OpenPod, Crypton’s twitter, Dengeki Online

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39 thoughts on “New Vocaloid Codenamed `Lily`”

  1. Cool The world always has room for more vocaloids.
    I hope she has just as much complexity and versatility as Gumi(The one most easy to tune to human sounding vocaloid)

  2. If she gets just as much popularity as the other released by AH Software, then I might start to loose faith in Vocaloids. And that pains me

  3. hmm… I have hope in her. ^_^ Lily looks like she could sing rock or pop… I like that! 😀 Let's see what happens!

  4. m.o.v.e is the one behind most songs in initial d soundtrack. so i think the first song that would gather views are songs like dogfight and noisy tride.

  5. I a huge fan of m.o.v.e.'s older stuff (GRID album and back, no so much the newer stuff), but I'm excited for the potential Eurobeat tracks we might here. I'm going to w/out judgement on her appearance and voice until we see/hear a final product (you never know, she may undergo a re-design)

  6. Another female Vocaloid? I'm not really excited about it.

    Something about this just screams "HOAX!" to me.. dunno. Maybe I'm just upset that we're not getting more guys, silly stupid me.

      1. How is being a Crypton Vocaloid not a good thing?
        They are all the most popular because they are good quality and really original.

        But sadly, she's not crypton……=3=

        1. I believe she's saying it's not a good thing that just because it's a Crypton Vocaloid, it becomes instantly popular– which is a reasonable assessment to make based on your original comment.

          And FWIW, I agree. It's not just about originality and quality– the Internet Vocaloids have both by the ton and they're so under-used. I think it's not very fair a Vocaloid can become popular *just* because Crypton releases it. >_>

        2. Not really. Crypton vocaloids all sound the same upon close examination. Rin and Len are a given (same voice actor) but look at Luka. Luka sounds extremely similar to Len without a similar voice actor.

          Kaito and Meiko are basically the exact same thing. That's why Kaiko sounds so close to Meiko.

          Append is nowhere near as smooth as the AHS or Internet Co. vocaloids, and she's newer.
          Solid sounds like Rin in normal pitches, and when lowered, can be strangely similar to Kiyoteru.
          Sweet, although softer, has the same accent as Yuki Kaai and the same breathy-ness that she has.
          Dark early/demo could sound like Miki.

          AHS 'loids are not perfect, either, though. Miki can sound like Rin in some pitches, and Gumi in others. Her vowels are off-key. But she's definitely original – you won't see another vocaloid with fluff!

          Gumi is based off of another character(although she has a very high quality voice), and is not completely original.

          /rant over.

  7. The words "code name" tell me it's likely AH (like code name miki).
    I hope it's Internet, though – they make good quality Vocaloids, and I'm an m.o.v.e. fan…
    What if it's a new company? Oh dear…

  8. She actually looks like a Grown up Rin.

    But yeah, another Vocaloid… probably from AHS. Although this kinda means that some other company will be releasing new Vocaloids while Crypton will be remaking them.

  9. I think you need to do something about this…Despite the fact that it says "Cover of the CD" on the picture on the caption, everyone seems to be convinced that the picture is Lily's design…

    1. (The character design that was sketched by KEI and shown in DTM appears on the cover of the CD “anim.o.v.e. 01[…]” )

      So yeah.

  10. She looks like Kagamine Luka to me. It seems that whoever's producing Lily wants it to looks like Crypton made it. Probably to confuse people into buying it. It certainly looks better than most of AHS's vocaloids already.

  11. Pingback: What is Lily?
    1. Three as far as I know– Kaito, Len, and Gakupo.

      But yes, more male based vocaloids would be good. Maybe it's just easier to program for female voices or they like designing females more..? lol

  12. it saddens me the internet vocaloids are better but you can’t order them to America if you have no relations in Japan ;A; the crypton ones are the only ones you can get and even those cost a fortune …and i like crypton it’s just …i’d like gumi but i can’t buy her ;A;

  13. C'mon peeps! Be happy there's a new vocaloid! So what if she's a girl? Yeah, I want a new male vocaloid too, but for god's sake, be thankful!
    Though I do want another male, and I wish they would put up a demo download, so we could at least see how good of a vocaloid she is. But I still can't wait for her! She reminds me of a cross of Megurine Luka and Kagamine Rin. 😉 (Sorry if I made anyone mad, I didn't mean to. Don't start a troll war.;) )

  14. Hey i just heard Lilly shes amazing! You people need to have more faith, i'm sure they relize the world wants another male Vocaloid but from what i have seen so far Lilly is quite popular now and shes only been out for a few months! GO Lilly GO! And please please please please please, make more male Vocaloids! Us Americans love your music Japan, i just bought the vocaloid softwere and i have to say im highly impressed at it its easy to use for beginners like me, but im sure you have to deal with alot more than just this. Japan us American listeners would love another male Vocaloid so please at least think about it?

  15. Sorry to you all but in Japan showing this amount of skin is not grounds for online war, sure she's showing a little skin, Her body is amazing! she's vary cute, and be honest ladies when you feel good you wanna look good right? Whats wrong with that? its not like she's going to jump out of the computer and turn trick on the corner! come on people Live a little besides she,s a Vocaloid there supposed to be flashy and fun , its not like she's real any way. lol sorry to jump on your cases i mean no harm i come in peace *u*

  16. i love lily she has the same name as me and i luv her voice!! i dont care if she dosent have a number (a real vocaloid) shes perfect!!

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