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For an Internet and Video Game junkie like me, reality can be quite a sobering experience. Lately, I can’t afford to bum around when there’s a lot of work to be done: wrapping up my college requisites for graduation, doing modules for an HMO project with a deadline looming right over me, and managing my funds to help out the household. Anyway, what I’m really trying to say is, I don’t know long I keep this up along with being up-to-date with the Vocaloid rankings. Some day, I may have to pass this responsibility to somebody else…

But that won’t stop me from liking Vocaloids. Heck, I even got to add Yowamushi Mont Blanc to my playlist lately. Maybe I’ll start being a casual Vocaloid listener from now on.

Naho’s Opening Statement:

It’s time for this week’s VocaRan, ribbit.

Summer’s almost here! The humidity’s almost here! And during that time ribbit in the neighborhood park you’ll be able to hear a chorus of frogs, ribbit.

Because of the influence of this ribbit ribbit season, I think the reigning songs will feel like happiness and sadness, joys and sorrows, ribbit.

Now let’s go watch the top thirty from this week, ribbit ribbit!


-Editors: Holocauxt, DTKel, Joe Mello, deztora, rebecca, redemtion2, GreenSage
-Song Stats: Up (↑), Down (↓), Unmoved (→), Unranked (–), New (!!)

    This spot is for a look back at the VocaRan one year before. Here are the top five songs from that week.

    • H5: I’ll never be able to listen to this song without thinking, “…Ritsu’s cover is better.” >_>
    • H4: Where’s otetsu when you need him? All the Luka songs lately have been meh.
    • H3: Aaaaah nostalgia attack! もう一年か・・・
    • H2: B(
    • H1: BLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH~!!!*shoots at his widescreen monitor* AH HECK NO! Not this again!!! And I thought you would’ve gotten over this already. Guess not. =P You’re going to have to get through a looooot of fangirls to successfully shoot what you’re aiming at.
  • #3: 【初音ミク】seventeen【オ リジナル曲PV付】 (!!)
    It’s not a clone of Marionette Syndrome! YES! Also, I like it. I probably would find this really good if there was more piano and less other stuff.  Regardless, it’s decent. This Miku song is so sweet, I can’t help but to like it.
  • #2: 【初音ミクAppend】 デンドロビウム・ファレノプシス【オリジナル曲】 (↑23)
    I was hoping this would be number one. Oh well… A rather sad song with beautiful melody, it’s touching as well.
  • #1: 【巡音ルカ】Flightless Bird【オリジナル】 (!!)
    Haven’t had a new Luka song make it to the Top-1 for a while now… If only it wasn’t so… meh. Awesome piano can’t save a meh song from being meh. >_> An interesting song.  OP-style with changing time signatures and a whole lot of interesting stuff going on.  I’m starting to think that it would’ve been better if there weren’t vocals.

In Other Vocaloid News:

Miku-san and many fans’ passionate dreams are flying…

The Venus space probe “Akatsuki” equipped with an H-2A rocket, on May 18th (Tuesday), at 6:44, will finally be taking off!

But for the people watching this VocaRan, “Akatsuki” might already be launched. I hope it flies safely…

Having said that, here’s the ranking from 31 onward, ribbit.

Final Thoughts/Analysis:

Low-scoring week is low-scoring, but there were some good songs in here today, and not just by Miku either. On that subject, though, I have to say I really like Miku’s appends. I think they breathe new life into a voice that many of us had already gotten sick of. I feel like a Miku fan again, and I think that’s pretty amazing.

It shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that Miku’s been dominating lately. Add in the appends to her already existing popularity, and we all knew this would happen. It is interesting, however, as one nico commentator pointed out, there hasn’t been a Miku append song as number one yet. A few have gotten close, but just weren’t quite there.

Of course this doesn’t mean that the append is a failure. Clearly it’s a success. It’s just interesting. Is it only a matter of time, or will it be like GUMI, getting close but never quite there…? Time will tell. (Also, I have a really good rant on why 弱虫モンブラン should’ve been number one the week it came out, if anyone wants to hear it. ;D)

Scuse me, I’m just gonna squeeze in here for a bit. Dez, I’m pretty sure I took care of that rant on 133, but if you want to continue it, please feel free ^_^. JBF gained this week, yet still lost viewing numbers. It won’t be long now for it. Yowamushi has officially stabilized after 5 weeks, and it still didn’t even touch the dreaded double-digit line. I expect #7 to be executed next week, *shudders*. We’ve got a new Wowaka that will probably take the top 3 next week, but it won’t last very long. We’ve also got a new Vocarock Gumi to watch for. And for my final thought… WHY THE HELL ISN’T UTAU ALLOWED IN THE RANKING YET?! The latest meme on the chans and NND, and we’re missing out all because Lamaze and Gojimagi used Teto for Mischievous Function?! I can’t stand for this! Is there a petition going to get them to allow the UTAU in? I WANNA SIGN!

I’ve been afb for a bit, but this week was interesting.  There were a lot of decent songs on the list, something I really couldn’t say in previous weeks.  Dez brings up an interesting question about append’s success, but there are two things to keep in mind: 1) it still costs money for what is essentially an add-on and 2) there may have still been a creative hangover being the week after Golden Week

…And so with that, we end this week’s Vocaloid Ranking review. Please join us again next week, even if I may not be around anymore.

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10 thoughts on “Weekly Vocaloid Ranking #137 – Reality Bytes”

  1. I'm so glad Yowamushi Mont Blanc went up in both ranking and points! I keep dreading it'll go the way of other GUMI songs and disappear into the ether, but it's been having steady 40/50k+ views and 2/3k-ish mylists every week. Hopefully, the trend continues.

    I'd be interested in hearing that rant, by the way! It was such a disappointment for me when it didn't become the number one. I'd be interested in hearing other people's thoughts about. =)

  2. Oh! I’m not the only one who wanted rank 2 to get top spot.
    I love papiyon, so I thought that was just my bias speaking.

    Overall the week was meh… especially comparing it to the history. I like all those top five. A rare occurrence.

  3. I really want Yowamushi Montblanc to be GUMI's first massive hit, like, 1 million NND views. Would that even be possible? It's gotta have ridiculous legs though similar to Just Be Friends or magnet.

  4. MMMPH! Mont Blanc was the first song I actually completely finished dubbing in japanese, so I have a particular love for it. but along with that, I really love the whole song! I'm happy that it's become a regular! Keep strong GUMI! I'm quite dissapointed in the lack of good Yuki songs recently, though. I'd also like to see a Yuki song make Number 1. Yuki's voice is so beautiful and a lot of excellent songs are passed up because they aren't by a crypton Vocaloid.

    1. I was just happy it made it high in the ranking. ILU mayuko-saaaan!!

      But now that you mention it, yeah, awesome coincidence.

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