Weekly UTAU Ranking #79 – Fukkireta!

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A thousand apologies for the tardiness; however, I wanted to wait until the UtaRan video was uploaded before I posted this article. Yes, it was just now posted a few days ago. The uploader was sick. Again, very sorry for the delay. m(_ _;m)

Today’s title comes from a strange meme that has swept over Nico Nico recently, thanks largely in part to ラm–er, ゴジマジP’s addictive song. A song that somehow slipped past me entirely during Teto’s birthday celebration, Ochame Kinou is a fun, catchy little song that was uploaded on April 1st, but is just now getting major recognition thanks to ラマーズP’s interesting style and lip-synced PV. Or… is it ゴジマジP? Saa…

Ochame Kinou is used as BGM for most of the “fukkireta” videos, hence the sudden jump in popularity. If the UtaRan allowed songs to stay more than two weeks, you would see Ochame Kinou become number one from out of nowhere. I, personally, think that would be pretty cool. But anyway. Onto the ranking!

We’re very sorry for the long wait. It’s time for the Weekly UTAU Ranking. Due to unforseen circumstances, the upload was postponed. Again, we’re very sorry for this.

We’re using this time to take into account the possibility of the upload getting postponed in the future, though. We’re looking for potential staff to help us should the need arise, so if you’re interested please let us know.

(Also, in case I forgot to post about it before, there’s a Yokune Ruko logo contest going on; that’s what the CM at the beginning was about. Check the website if you’re interested.)

Also this week is (was, that is; sorry) Momo’s 2nd birthday celebration. It’s coming up very soon (actually just passed; sorry), so this should be nice.

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Here’s this week’s topic. There are eleven new voicebanks this week, but Shichine Yoko was in the ranking, so here are the other ten (in eight videos).

Mizune Tenshi
Niji Subarashii and Niji Kohana (…yeah, I know)
Tree & Eert (this video is easily nightmare fuel)
Hibiki Mira (taking a stab in the dark here; no kana reading is provided)
Honoone Phoenix and Aratane Shiroki (…yeah, I know)
Shizune Neku
Yuukune Miyu and Fushoune Amu (thanks Aster!)


To be honest, I really really really want to start commenting on the “new voicebanks,” but I don’t because most of it would just be along the lines of “What was this person thinking??” And that wouldn’t be very nice. 🙁 Besides, that’s not what these posts are for.

Next UtaRan, expect more Fukkireta videos in the extras ranking (and expect the number one video to have a LOT of points), and also the Momo birthday videos will start rolling in. I’m looking at you, Door

In other news, maybe I’ll actually get other people to work with me on the UtaRan posts again. It would be nice. Not required, but nice. Just sayin’.

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10 thoughts on “Weekly UTAU Ranking #79 – Fukkireta!”

  1. Making this quick, don't have much time – I actually know the makers of Tree, Shiroki, and Amaterasu. I must say they're interesting…

    1. If I can ask, please, just HOW was Tree Eert made? I mean, it's so… whoa. It's like the chainsaw UTAU, but I don't know what this is based on (and this is scarier).

      1. Sorry to interrupt, but Tree and Eert are two seperate voices. Tree made its debut a few weeks ago, singing Ura-Omote, which wasn't exactly as frightening (it sure was ear-bleeding, though).

        Just felt like clearing that up, carry on.

        1. That's what I initially thought, but if you watch the UtaRan video, it's being portrayed as being one UTAU VB. This might be because Tree's version of 裏表 was not posted on nico nico, though I'm not sure…

          1. They confused "Tree & Eert".
            Tree is just a troll. The real creator was just having fun; he's actually made a legitimate UTAU.
            And Ura-Omote probably wasn't on Nico. ("He"'s been singing Koi wa Sensou, SPICE, all sorts of stuff before.)

          2. Pretty sure it was on Nico, actually, since it was used as a sample of Tree when "he" was in the new voicebanks section. I don't think they use YouTube videos, unless I'm mistaken.

          3. They do not. It's a "new voicebank" when it's new to NND. =)

            So what you're saying is, the real "new" voicebank is Eert, right? Just in a duet with Tree, who was already an established UTAU of sorts? Just making sure I got my facts straight.

        1. Okay, sure. *edits*

          But I checked youtube for affirmation, and I ended up just getting confused… I don't even know which one is which. DX

  2. Honestly, I seriously don't get why Sora's "Cactus and Mirage" is so low. My god, I mean really, listen to the full version. http://nicosound.anyap.info/sound/sm10668812 . I mean really; that sounds, I think, almost nearly as real as an actual person, even vocaloid material. His singing is so smooth, and I love how the beginning's "Ah" was made to sound like a violin. Who was that. Sayu? Yufu? But seriously, I just don't get why it's not higher than just #15 on part 1. I like Fukkireta as much as the next girl, but really, 10 times on the ranking is enough. >_>

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