Weekly Vocaloid Ranking #140 – A whu-wait, wha-?

USB Vocaloid series
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Vocaloid NND Weekly Ranking: LINK HERE
Weekly Vocaloid Ranking #139 “Unselected”: LINK HERE

…We  have WVR tonight? It’s Tuesday already? Oh, sorry, I was too buzy trolling /ɐ/ with FMA spoilers that I kinda forgot. Plus I’ve been busy stocking up on playlists on my new phone to make my office work a lot more bearable. We still have Dancehall on top of this week too, so I’m not really missing anything.

Oh, and this week marks the end of the USB Vocaloid series, so we’ll return to our regularly-scheduled Vocaloid group images next week. I’ll miss those little critters… *sniff~!*

Naho’s Opening Statement:

Greetings everyone; it’s time for the first VocaRan of June. It’s time to change your clothes to reflect the season. Summer is coming full-speed! is the mood right now, I think.

Having said that, the VocaRan also got a bit of a facelift. We made the aforementioned minor changes as well as a small change to the points. Look really hard for it.

Well, let’s go and watch the ranking. Like before, from number 30, let’s start.


-Editors: Holocauxt, DTKel, Joe Mello, deztora, rebecca, redemtion2, GreenSage
-Song Stats: Up (↑), Down (↓), Unmoved (→), Unranked (–), New (!!)

In Other Vocaloid News:

The asteroid space probe “Hayabusa” is finally returning! If everything goes well… on June 13th (Sunday), the caspule will reach Earth!

Because of the return, ‘good luck’ videos for Hayabusa will probably grow.

Now here’s the rest of the ranking, from 31 onward.

Final Thoughts/Analysis:

And so, with wowaka completing the first legitimate double since “clock lock works” (Weeks 113-114), “World’s End Dancehall” comes back down to Earth.  Personally, I’m a little tired of this leitmotif, and I hope that the next song will sound completely different.  Also, it seems we got another graphics upgrade.  We’re all going to be obsolete soon, aren’t we? T_T

…And so with that, we end this week’s Vocaloid Ranking review. Please join us again next week, and pray that I get my salary at the end of this week. I really need it! ;_;

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14 thoughts on “Weekly Vocaloid Ranking #140 – A whu-wait, wha-?”

  1. Am I the only one disappointed with rank one?
    It’s cosMo plus 7 Miku voices… I was expecting something fast and crazy (but hopefully not annoying like Runaway of Miku), but the song just came off as forgettable to me.

    I’m surprised Melancholic is still on the ranking… I love that song, so it’s a pleasant surprise that it managed to stick around this long. I do hope some of the regulars fall off soon, though, even if I like most of them.

    1. cosMo's Hatsune Miku no Shoushitsu project hasn't really impressed me. I liked Tomadou, but Bousou and Bunretsu→Hakai aren't really my style. I do think that B→H is probably one of the best displays of what is possible with all of the Appends at once though.

      Oh, it's "Melancholic"? I was mentally romanizing it as "Melon Click" ^^;;;

  2. Hate this week, but I love number 3 nwn
    what´s the tittle of the song?
    Coward montblanc went down D:

    1. It's called "The Weekend is Coming!"

      It's a prequel to Our 16bit Wars, like Suroy mentions down low!

  3. …Am I the only like who likes Rank #1? ;__; IMHO I think it's slightly better than the Disappearance of Hatsune Miku…feel free to call me crazy…

    1. FF.

      I… guess I'm an idiot. I didn't know 16bit War was involved with Wanderlast/ Hello* Planet.

      OTL And now this one. Four installments in, and I'm still not sure how they're all connected.

        1. Didn't forget; (GAWD I love Campanella so much right now, you have no idea. <33)

          But that's not part of the Hello*Planet series, is it?

  4. @Joe or whoever was writing in blue: it's funny you should mention the furigana #3, this is actually my first time noticing it too. But it's also in #10. To help people sing along, I suppose?
    #9 is strangely mystifying. I like it.
    So Holocauxt is a fellow /ɐ/nonymous? No wonder I don't like you. Heh, I kid, I kid.

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