Weekly UTAU Ranking #84 – Alive… But Barely.

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After a lot of deep introspective thought and reflection on my part on the importance of the UtaRan articles and their place on the V-ism blog (read: I was lonely and depressed about being the only one who cared), the articles are back as of this week– but, they’re on life support. I’ll be trying out a couple of new things to see what works and what doesn’t. We have a tentative new addition to the staff as well! Everyone welcome vio! *waits for applause* And finally, for those of you still wondering (for whatever reason that I cannot fathom), Sukone Tei? Yeah. She’s one of ours. Sorry to the people who somehow thought “crvipton” was a legitimate site name, even for a second. (-.-;)a

Hey, don’t fuss about it. I wasn’t fooled about it, but I’m a little distressed at the wars that spout up about her…it’s a really intense hatred she gets. Me? Don’t love or hate her, but she’s an UTAU nevertheless…Anyway, that’s right, your annoying, TVtropes-obsessed, Overseas UTAU user with a low patience level is back. Did you miss me?

But enough of that. Although Suko*Tei is absent this week because the grading period was already over, expect her to totally dominate next week’s ranking, if ya know what I mean. But that means this week’s ranking is actually a surprise! What will come out on top? Will the Nene Nene tour get “morning dew”, a song that just missed last week’s grading, to the top of the charts, or will it go to something else? Let’s find out! Onward… march!

Sorry for the wait. It’s time for this week’s Weekly UTAU Ranking.

The rainy season has fully hit, huh. It doesn’t seem like you can let go of your umbrella for even a minute. The uploader forgot his umbrella and that didn’t turn out well, so everyone, please be mindful of it.

After a small delay which we are very sorry for, the video for “Let’s vote on our favorite songs and make an album video!” is finally completed! It was because of everyone’s help that it was finished. We cannot thank you enough for helping the uploader. The video ID: sm11113361.

-Editors: deztora, vio, Aster Selene, Holocauxt
-Song Stats: Rank-Up, Rank-Down, Unmoved, Unranked, NEW





Here’s this week’s information corner. First we’re bringing attention to the new voicebanks.

This week there are twelve new voicebanks released to the public. Please be aware whether there is distribution (of the voicebank) yet or not. With that, here are the videos.

Yuzuka Piko
Yama Gaaru
Mitsurune Mitsu? (Sounds like ‘Mitsurune’, looks like ‘Mitsune’, so…)
Azusa, Yanagi …and someone else I think? I don’t know, this one was really confusing.
Shiroutone Hokuro and Kumone Jakuon
Kagene Satsuki
Kumone Kaito and Kiine Bel


Another UTAU week, this time rather rich in diversity (but not enough Ruko). Anyway, it’s an eventful week, with some Ritsu thing going on and Sukone Tei’s release. Although I would prefer we not start a war over whether Tei is to be loved or hated in the comment box, okay? Oh, and I’d like to shoutout to the Overseas UTAU community, who pushed me to get off my lazy ass and hurry up with the reviews. Ciao!

Dayum, how come you guys are so much more chatty than the VocaRan editors…? I want this atmosphere… ;_;

Hey, people are free to have their own opinions… as long as they’re the same as mine. My opinions greater than sign your opinions, and all the like. But all kidding aside, I’m pretty sure you’re… supposed to dislike Tei. I mean, everything about her screams… well, Western. Think about it. In love with Len. Hates Miku. Unoriginal outfit. Bad color scheme. Sharingan?? Whoever said it was Japan’s version of ‘Kawaine Kagami’ had it right, I think. Having said that, I like her because of what can be done with her voice (much like how I like basically every Vocaloid/UTAU in existence). Say, for instance, 13km, which I’ve had on repeat practically nonstop for the past couple of days… Coincidentally (or not), guess what’s going to be number one next week.

Well, that’s it for this week! Be sure to tune in next week, and remember, it doesn’t matter what you do, as long as you look cool doing it!

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4 thoughts on “Weekly UTAU Ranking #84 – Alive… But Barely.”

  1. "Hey, people are free to have their own opinions… as long as they’re the same as mine. My opinions greater than sign your opinions, and all the like. But all kidding aside, I’m pretty sure you’re… supposed to dislike… Tei."

    Dude are you RAPPING? xD That was some funky accidental pseudo-rhyming.

    1. What? No, as a matter of fact, I was not. That is amusing, though. Perhaps I have a gift? XD (No, I don't think so…)

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