Happy 1st Birthday, GUMI!

Image source: 山吹たま

Ah yes, it’s been one whole year since GUMI was released as we got to listen to a number of great GUMI songs created by the producers around. For some of the most memorable songs as well as illustrations celebrating her birthday just continue reading as always.

Producer – samfree
Illustration – CAFFEIN

Second of the “Night” series, this song was released on GUMI’s release date and it has remained as one of the most popular GUMI songs around.

Producer, Arrange – TokuP
Illustration – Renka
Lyrics – uryan

In this song GUMI sings about moving forward and being able to fly, having the confidence to believe in herself. This is one of the first few well-known GUMI songs around.

Producer – SasakureP
Illustration – ChaKoro

This song is actually part of a 4-part series by the same producer which goes in the order of Shuumatsu ga Yattekuru –> Bokura no 16 bit Sensou –> Wanderlast –> *Hello, Planet. Bokura no 16 bit Sensou, with GUMI in a military outfit together with a gun, talks about how she was betrayed by “ORDER” but still follows it nevertheless, turning a blind eye to the truth as she can’t bring herself to terms with reality.

Producer – SasakureP
Illustration – ChaKoro

Based on the novel “Ginga Tetsudou no Yoru” (Night on the Galactic Railroad) by Miyazawa Kenji, this song tells of how GUMI keeps trying to let her feelings be known to a dead friend, which she knows is impossible. Eventually she was able to get onboard a spaceship in a final attempt as she was shocked to see him.

Producer – DECO*27
Movie – akka

Released only two months ago, but has become an instant GUMI favorite as well. In this song GUMI has fallen out of love with a guy whom she used to like, but she still continues the relationship despite knowing that she’s not being fair to the guy. She describes herself as a coward and keeps on enjoying the love by the guy, comparing it to sweets like montblac as shown in the PV.

And here are a few birthday songs specially created for GUMI~

And now we move on to the birthday illustrations created by users on Pixiv. Enjoy~

Image source: こみね@ぴくゆり参戦
Image source: まつとり
Image source: 夏
Image source: 水玉子
Image source: ぽこ
Image source: ばず
Image source: 聖
Image source: ぶーた
Image source: さく

More birthday illustrations can be found on Pixiv using this tag and once again, a Happy Birthday to GUMI~ =D

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13 thoughts on “Happy 1st Birthday, GUMI!”

  1. Happy birthday, Gumi!
    And happy birthday…me. I’m kinda happy that Gumi and I share a birthday~ (Although technically it’s one day apart, mine is on the 25th. However, some sources say she came out on the 25th)

  2. Happy birthday, Gumi!
    And happy birthday…me. I'm kinda happy that Gumi and I share a birthday~ (Although technically it's one day apart, mine is on the 25th. However, some sources say she came out on the 25th)

  3. Happy birthday to my second favorite Vocaloid! And many thanks to Deco*27 for making and Vocaloidism.com for discussing "Coward Montblanc", the fabulous song that helped me discover her.

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