Paradichlorobenzene Reaches One Million Views!

Image source: Hekicha

Well, after Len’s Aku no Meshitsukai (Servant of Evil) which hit one million views on Nico Nico Douga back in March 2009 we finally have another Len song which got the same achievement and it’s none other than OwataP’s “Paradichlorobenzene”, in which the feat was achieved on June 27th, 2010 at 16:14 hours Japan Time. For more information and illustrations regarding the song just continue reading after the break~

Producer – OwataP
Lyrics, Compose, Arrange – OwataP
Song Adjustment – Dios/SignalP
Illustration – 縣
PV – Mie no Hito

Uploaded on September 19th 2009, Paradichlorobenzene is actually the third song of the “Benzene” series by OwataP (In the order of Benzene –> Nitrobenzene –> Paradichlorobenzene). The story behind this song is actually open to everyone’s interpretation, as the lyrics tells that there’s no meaning to the song and the word altogether, as shown in the part below.

“Is there any meaning to this song? There’s no meaning to this song. Is there any sin to this song? There’s no sin to this song. Is there any meaning to **** (benzene)? There’s no meaning to **** (benzene). Is there any sin to **** (benzene)? The meaning to this song is… **** (benzene).”

OwataP has mentioned on his blog that the lyrics contain hidden messages and meanings in it as there are many clues in the video. One possible interpretation is the song talking about the dark side and the selfishness of man as they become jealous of other people’s works after having their own works insensitively disregarded by others. This in turn makes such people angry as they rage against themselves and others insensitively.

And on towards the illustrations made by different artists on Pixiv regarding this song.

Image source: 咲里キリコ
Image source: 霜
Image source: くつした
Image source: 縣
Image source: 縣
Image source: 縣
Image source: みなせ渚
Image source: ぜろきち

Congrats to Len’s second song on the million views list and hopefully we can get to see more Len songs on the list~ =D

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9 thoughts on “Paradichlorobenzene Reaches One Million Views!”

  1. Huh…to be honest I really hate this song. I find the tune really annoying and grating for some reason and I tend to look like Len in that second fanart after the video whenever I hear it. I wonder if that's the point of the song sometimes.

    1. soo rude,
      bueno no a todos les puede gustar xD
      It´s a good song 😀
      Felicidades Paradiclorobenzene por el millon 😀

    2. soo rude,
      bueno no a todos les puede gustar XD
      but respect the song ;D
      Felicidades Paradiclorobenceno por el millon de visitas 😀

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