Hatsune Miku Project DIVA 2nd – New Song Videos Added

Image source: nickQ

Earlier yesterday SEGA has updated the official Project DIVA website with new videos for three of the songs in the game and you can watch them below.

Song – Kocchi Muite Baby by Hatsune Miku
Producer – ryo (supercell)
Lyrics, Compose – ryo (supercell)

Song – Yellow by Hatsune Miku
Producer – kz (livetune)
Lyrics, Compose – kz (livetune)

Song – Color×Melody by Hatsune Miku and Kagamine Rin
Producer – MOER
Lyrics – minato (RyuuseiP)
Compose – doriko
Arrange – OSTER Project, Guiter 19-iku-

Thanks to Lala for the heads-up. =)

More information to come as they are made known so do stay updated then~

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14 thoughts on “Hatsune Miku Project DIVA 2nd – New Song Videos Added”

    1. That’s probably still not the full version. You know how Sega cuts songs so they wouldn’t be too long and too tiring to play.

      Anyways… Holy crap, didn’t know ColorXMelody is an all-stars collaboration.

  1. Haha it is pretty awesome, I'm slowly warming up to that song. While I am planning to buy this game 100% I haven't played the original, I was a bit surprised about one thing: do they always do so much "upskirt"-style camera shots in these songs like in the Look This Way Baby vid? Not trying to be a prude or tell anyone not to like it but when it comes to Vocaloids and Miku thats the last thing I am personally looking for.

    Oh well shouldn't complain I can get over that if it means I get to enjoy this awesome game and the music.

    1. For Look This Way Baby, it's the nature of the song and lyrics, really. And it's not like there were any panties visible, though I have heard that there were some panty shots in the first Project Diva.

    2. Miku comes with a damn zettai ryouiki and you wonder about some upskirt-style camera shots o.0 ?

      I don't care if it was Kei's artistic licence or a request from Crypton but as long as we have nice song like this one who cares :p

      1. Zettai Ryouiki can be a cute, attractive (depending on your tastes) fashion choice. Pantsu-shots feel like blatant pandering. NOTE: I am not trying to say its wrong to like that stuff even if I don't, but in my personal opinion I was just saying that I feel that we are gonna play PD2 to see Miku and friends sing and dance to awesome songs with cute/attractive model renderings, I doubt anyone is gonna play the game with the intent of satisfying a fetish or looking for sexiness, there is other media for that.

        Heck even to be less prudish how about I just say that I feel alot of time is wasted panning the camera to Miku's rear or skirt when we could instead focus on how pretty and cute she looks dancing and singing the way she usually does. Don't tell me its their version of an animator copout that they hope you don't notice cause they pan up Miku's skirt.

        Just my opinion, but if it offends anyone just ignore it cause I adore Miku's cuteness so much I am probably being irrationally defensive.

    3. Miku comes with a damn zettai ryouiki and you wonder about some “upskirt-style” camera shots o.0 ?

    4. From what I’ve seen of the PD2 videos there’s some of that — but if you look closer it seems that in some PVs they skipped modeling the panties at all, instead having the leg texture run up as far as it needed to go o.o

      I agree though, Miku doesn’t need pantsu to be awesome.

      1. Yeah I agree not all the songs are like Look My Way Baby and most of the time it isn't too terrible. I spent a bunch of time watching Dreamy Theatre and PD videos today to see for myself and most of the are 100% pure win, the rest usually just use the leg trick you mention. I'll be fine with it and yeah Miku is basically pure awesomeness in a cute green package so it'll be fine regardless.

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