Weekend Spotlight – Exposition Characters

It's surprisingly hard to find these two without Gakupo getting in the way.
Meg Meg Combi by tsukun

This weekend is an interesting coincidence.  Anime Expo is going on right now, with quite an array of guests.  One being Megumi “Gumi” Nakajima (her Macross foil, May’n, is there, too) and another is Yuu “Luka” Asakawa.  Such an odd pairing in such an odd place captures the imagination.  Well, it captures my imagination, anyway, so this week we look at the rare pairing of Luka x Gumi.

Since we’re on the topic, we start with Luka as an ersatz Sheryl Nome and Gumi not exactly singing against type.

Next is an MMD clip where shockingly, no files are shared </biting social commentary>

As an aside, I wholeheartedly endorse Saboten’s models.  They are awesome and run supremely well even on my crapsack compy.

Next, we swing over to a song that is obviously some extended visual metaphor.

Finally, some really, really phat bass.

I’m not sure why Miku’s there.  Maybe she’s backup.

Songs of the Weekend

We start with an Utatte Mita that keeps with the theme, sort of.  Leave me alone.

It’s better than the original in Nero can actually hit those low notes.

Our featured Vocaloid song is the latest from our favorite metric.

This rockin’ thing is still getting increasing viewership, and 1 of every 8 views results in a MyList.  I see a big number on Monday.

And to round things out, we play a bit of word association.  Miku says “40m”, Sora says “51cm”

Yeah, it only has 2800 points, but the play on words makes it worth it. Regardless, have a happy and safe fourth, American or otherwise, and enjoy the con /jealous.

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  1. Personally I prefer Yoru's or A certain nameless singer (yes, he has no name or whatsoever) version of Just A Game.

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