Hatsune Miku Project DIVA 2nd – More Song Videos Added

The Vocaloid girls getting ready for their performance in Project DIVA 2nd
Image source: カゲヤ

Just earlier SEGA has updated the Project DIVA site with more videos for the game and this time round it’s the songs Saihate, Kokoro and Double Lariat and you can watch the videos below.

Song – Saihate
Producer – Kobayashi Onyx
Music, Lyrics, PV – Kobayashi Onyx

Song – Kokoro
Producer – ToraborutaP
Lyrics, Compose, Arrange – ToraborutaP

Song – Double Lariat
Producer – AgoanikiP
Lyrics, Compose, Arrange – AgoanikiP

Also, a new costume for Miku has been announced for the song Saihate, which you can view the costume below. For a updated list of costumes in the game you can go here.

More information to come as they are made known so do continue to stay updated to Vocaloidism~

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7 thoughts on “Hatsune Miku Project DIVA 2nd – More Song Videos Added”

    1. Tako Luka was actually in the opening, too, but only for a short cameo, so she's easy to miss.

    1. Too little Len?
      Meiko and Kaito are more underrepresented than him.
      People still love them Sega! Even if they aren’t used as much. 🙁

  1. yay! Tako Luka!! :3 This game is getting better and better… look at all these awesome songs!!

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