Project Diva 2 – “Look This Way, Baby!” Full PV Released

Image source: SEGA

Hello everyone! My name is descent87 and I am overjoyed to be a new blogging voice here on I am currently an overworked college student and budding blogger glad to help serve the Vocaloid community by participating in the discussions on this fabulous site. My own brief Vocaloid story: I knew nothing at all about the concept until I noticed the shout-out to Miku in the Lucky Star OVA where Kagami was rather forcibly made to cosplay as her. Besides looking it up for a passing glance I thought nothing more about it until a friend linked me Youtube videos of the Miku Hatsune’s 39’s Giving Day Concert on March 10th. I think I might have watched “World is Mine” and “Double Lariat” about 20 times each before I realized I was unwittingly in-love with the fabulous technology, talent, and characters that embody the whole Vocaloid concept. The past 4 months have been a whirlwind of discovering all I have missed, purchasing and downloading hundreds of songs and albums, getting my first Vocaloid Nendoroid Puchis (Miku and Saihate Miku), absorbing all the Vocaloid info I can, and starting to blog on the concept for myself. My favorite Vocaloids are Miku (cute, cute, love!), Gumi, and Luka. Don’t think I am a hater though, every single major Vocaloid has at least one song in my “Vocaloid Toplist” playlist, I get around. As for composers, I like many but Deco*27, LamazeP, and wowaka definitely claim ownership over many of my favorite songs. A big thanks to Vocaloidism as well for introducing me to the Weekly VocaRans that basically have made my Tuesdays for the past two months, and added much to my collection.

Enough about me and on to my inaugural and somewhat brief Vocaloidism post. With big thanks to the Miku Hatsune Facebook fan group and mucho credit to SEGA and ryo it appears that the full-length version of the Project Diva 2 OP. Featuring the rather catchy “Look this way, Baby!” (こっち向いて Baby) it is approximately three and a half minutes of animated Vocaloid glory. Follow me past the jump to view and discuss about the video.

And now for the main event:

Well in those three and a half minutes we saw an assortment of the following: The classic green “voca-cube” from the original, the School-girl/boy Vocaloid outfits, big and small Hachune Miku, a cute looking Tako-Luka, Miku in half a dozen cutesy photo poses, and the whole Vocaloid crew performing band-style on the roof. The song has grown on me and is still really fitting in this format, though I still don’t like the in-game PV. I still find it interesting that they went with the blue theme for Miku in her Vocaloid outfit. Luka playing the drums was pretty awesome and Len definitely looks the part of the cool dude. I can’t wait to get my hands on this game in the fall and this video is definitely a great move by SEGA to keep people smitten and remind them of all the goodies that await them. Kinda funny, I finally realized the thing Luka is holding in the music room is a metronome!

So what does everyone think? I am just fanboy gushing or is this getting you hyped as well? Do you like that style with which the video is animated? Share you thoughts below.

P.S. I am and have always been very open to feedback on all my writing feel free to pass along any comments or suggestions to me here or on the forum. Glad to be here!

Holocauxt says:

First of all, welcome to the team. We’re really glad to have you here, specially during these busy times.

Secondly, that video was just what I needed to cheer me up for this day. A lot of things happened at work lately, and let’s just say I won’t be able to visit teh Intarwebz as much as a would like to anymore. Project DIVA 2nd is gonna be so awesome, I can’t wait to buy a PSP of my own!

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6 thoughts on “Project Diva 2 – “Look This Way, Baby!” Full PV Released”

  1. Lucky Star OVA? I'm not the only one who found out about Vocaloid through that!
    Welcome to the community (I likes).

  2. In case anyone needs this here is a link to the gameplay vid that was kindly posted with subtitles on youtube for this song:

    Just like the feel of the song the lyrics too seems to be in the “World is Mine” spirit of things, something I don’t want to watch Miku sing all the time but can’t help like it when she does. Can’t believe I originally hated this song but still don’t like the PD2 Vid for it.

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