New B★RS Anime Screenshots

Mikatan has recently updated her blog with new screenshots from the upcoming “Black★Rock Shooter Anime 50-Minute OVA” which was taken at a BRS event lately. For more images and information on the OVA just continue reading after the break~

The DVD will come as a free bundle with the September issue of Hobby Japan (release date – July 24th 2010), Megami (July 30th 2010), and Animedia (August 10th 2010) magazine, in which AmiAmi is taking reservations for the magazines currently.

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    1. Actually, it was announced that the DVD and Blu-ray would have subtitles in 7 different languages. I don't know if English is one of them though. One would assume that it would be.
      They also said that they were going to stream it with subtitles in different languages too.

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