Vocaloid Lily To Be Released On August 25th, 2010!

Vocaloid Lily from Internet Co. Ltd.

Just earlier Internet Co. Ltd. has revealed more information on Vocaloid Lily, in which the illustration art was done by KEI, the same person who did the design for Vocaloid Hatsune Miku, Kagamine Rin/Len and Megurine Luka. She will be voiced by Masuda Yuri, who’s the vocalist for the band m.o.v.e.. For those interested you can listen to samples of m.o.v.e.’s music over on MySpace.

Lily’s recommended tempo would be between 90 BPM ~ 180 BPM while her recommended range is between D2 ~ D4. She will be scheduled to be released on August 25th 2010 at a price of 15,750 yen.

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17 thoughts on “Vocaloid Lily To Be Released On August 25th, 2010!”

    1. The traditional name play isn’t obvious, though. “Yuri” is the Japanese word for “lily” (as in the flower, presumably).

      What I want to see is if she’s more popular than Gumi.

  1. I was hoping for this. Internet make some of the best quality Vocaloids and Gumi and Gakupo have the potential to be the most realistic out there (I’ve heard so many truly realistic-sounding songs from those two).

    So if her name is Lily…maybe the character is Lily and the software “Yuripoid” or something like that? I dunno, just throwing that out there.

  2. Oh, I'm happy about this. Internet Co. makes very good quality Vocaloids, possibly better than Crypton. Gumi and Gakupo have potential to be extremely realistic (I've heard a lot of songs from them that really take the cake).

    So wait…her character is Lily. Maybe her software will be called Yuripoid? I'm only throwing stuff out there.

    And no, Internet, making a KEI-designed character won't get you Crypton's popularity.

    1. Based on M.O.V.E. 's MySpace page, it seems Kei designed Lili & Moshe before Internet-Co decided to use Yuri's voice. There's probably a complicated contract defining who really owns Lili's image (M.O.V.E. or Internet Co.).

      Now if you decide to use a singer's voice to create your vocaloid's data bank, it make sense to use said singer's anime picture if she already has one.

      Hek, maybe Lili's anime predate Miku's ! (admintedly I have no idea about that however.

  3. >And no, Internet, making a KEI-designed character won't get you Crypton's popularity.

    Maybe not, but it ensures that the box art won't get backlash and such.
    Though personally I liked how… different their boxart was. ¦3

    I'm not worried about Lily's voice. I'm curious to see how she turns out~ :3

  4. You can find Internet Co. 's demo song on Youtube here

    I'm not really impressed by her voice, but she probably need some talented autors.

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