Weekly UTAU Ranking #86 – The one where stuff happened

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There’s actually a lot of stuff going on in the UTAU world recently. There’s the Marble compilation CD coming out, there’s The UTAU M@STER, we just had the Ritsu festival, Yufu’s day is coming up, as is Towano’s official birthday celebration, and there’s Anone Diary… I think it’s a good time to be an UTAU fan.

…Unless you depend on me for your UTAU news. Then… well… you should probably find a more reliable news source… though to be fair, it wasn’t my fault that I disappeared this ti-*shot*

Sorry for the wait. It’s time for this week’s UtaRan.

As we enter July, the warm days continue, and it appears UTAU events are happening both in and out of niconicodouga. To help beat the heat, please enjoy these various events~!

The beginning of the summer events, “Ritsumatsuri”, resulted in a lot of songs being uploaded. With that, this time the number of pickup songs is twice the usual. We hope you enjoy.

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Here’s this week’s information corner. First is a commercial!

That was a commercial for the Minorine Towano birthday celebration. The details can be found at the Minorine Towano community. Be sure to check it out~ (community ID: co342437)

Next is the new voicebanks section. This week we have seventeen new VBs to share. Since Sakiko was in the ranking, here are the other sixteen.

Aen (read Zn) Kazune
Seikai Falcon(?)
Yuuga Yuragi
Mizuka Natsu
Aon Reguro
(unnamed VB)
Ame Runa
Kudarine Zen
Mimo (no specific reading given for the surname)
Nightmare (…apparently [orz])
Morine Wafu (original video was deleted; here’s the new version)
Cristane Avril
(I’m leaving out the last one, since it’s not an UTAU.)


Pretty lax week in terms of Tei’s presence. I was expecting more, but no, generally well rounded this week. Thanks for reading my idle chatter!

All right, my turn. First of all, if you haven’t already done so, check out the Marble crossfade and LiveP’s song トイキイト. If you’re wondering what the heck this is, think of it as like the Christmas album that miki debuted with– a lot of Ps using the UTAU Shirataki Ito for this CD.

Second, for those wondering what the heck Anone Unknown is, it’s a circle bringing together female creators, and Anone Diary is their first project. Since mia子’s involved, I’m excited to see more from them in the future. Check out the site. It’s awesome.

Third, it might be a good idea to check out Towano as well– I know most of you guys have probably never heard of her, but her voice is phenomenal, and she definitely deserves some love. And of course I don’t need to tell you the same for Yufu, since we all know how awesome she is already… =D

Well, I believe that’s it for this week. Tune in in… a… approximately two days to see a new UtaRan article! (I’ve seriously gotta get a real schedule hammered out…)

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