Weekly UTAU Ranking #87 – The one with the surprises

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There are a couple of good surprises in store for this week. For one, the legendary UTAU producer 耳ロボP returns! Will his new song land on top? Most definitely, but where exactly is still TBA. Also, the UtaRan debut of the star of the Marble CD collaboration project, Shirataki Ito! Will she make it to the top as well? With ライブP’s awesome skills at work, the answer is again a sure-fire yes. And in a twist not even Shamwow could predict, Aster is back! …Again!

-clears throat for a second- Please excuse me for a second.


…Okay, back to the review.

But what about the rest of the ranking? And which song will come out on the very top, in the number one spot? Well… why not read the rest of the article to find out?

Sorry for the wait. It’s time for this week’s UtaRan.

As a part of The VOC@LOiD M@STER, The UTAU M@STER will open next week. Since this is the first time for this event, it’s very exciting~ To everyone who’s going to be there: I hope you have fun!

Also, we have a notice for the well-known “Natsu wo UTAwaseru” festival for the UTAU producers from Ameya-san. For this year, we’ve made some changes to the rules. Please visit Ameya-san’s blog for the details: http://utau2008.blog47.fc2.com/blog-entry-400.html.

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Here’s this week’s information corner. First up is the new UTAU voicebanks. There were 27 new voicebanks uploaded this week, but since Shirataki Ito was in the rankings, here are clips of ten of the other voicebanks. (The rest of them are listed in the mylist (mylist/20042195), but weren’t shown in the video. For my sanity, I am only transliterating the ten shown in the video. I apologize for any inconvenience. -dez) WTF DID SOMEONE NAME THEIR UTAU “Cruel Angel Thesis”? WTF? I have to say, I wondered about the exact same thing… kids these days…

(currently unnamed)
Moune Ruu (educated guess)
Inane Inaneinaineinanenaine (…SAY WHAT)
Seikatsu Komai
Namarine Yoshi
Kirine Kako
Sunane Ruri
Tsukumo Mike/Supika
Kakune Reki and Okune Zeta

(My electricity went off randomly while I was working on this article, and I lost the document [that I foolishly didn’t save beforehand] that had all the romanizations listed, so I lost them before I got to copy them over to this article. I really didn’t want to have to search for them all again. If you spot any errors, please feel free to point them out. I’m very tired. -dez)


These weeks rankings were kind of jumbled around in terms of UTAU in which place and genre. I think other videos shouldn’t have been where they were though, for sure. (When is this not the case?) More deserving videos need to be on the ran, plz. And so ends this week~

Yeah, I’m back…I got nothing to say. A rather bleh week not counting the UTAU M@STER WOOOOOOOOOOT and the crossfades…

Good song selection this week. Lots of great originals, a few really good covers, and a few surprises– I honestly forgot about the long version of 13km coming out, or else I wouldn’t have been surprised at it being number one. I was kind of hoping Toikiito would score a bit higher than it did, although at least it got into the top five… I think it’s already plateaued, though, because I don’t see it getting a lot more points after this. We have a new Ito song to watch for in next week’s ranking, though, and it’s REALLY awesome. Look forward to that. <3

One huge surprise for this week was 耳ロボP’s return. I know I didn’t see it coming… then again, I didn’t see もそもそP coming back for two more UTAU songs before quitting UTAU forever either, so I guess I’m not a very good UTAU prediction reader. >_> The song, while not bad, doesn’t feel exactly like it’s up to his normal standard of quality. It’s nice, but that’s it. It’s nice. It doesn’t get stuck in your head, it doesn’t make you wanna sing along, it’s just kind of… there. But maybe that’s what he was going for. Either way, I’m just glad to know that he’s not quitting the UTAU game. Yet. There’s still time. I probably shouldn’t jinx it, but oh well. WHAT COULD GO WRONG.

Anyway, look forward to next week’s review. Barring a sudden onset of laziness/depression, I’ll be here again to bring you the best in UTAU coverage. Until then~!

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5 thoughts on “Weekly UTAU Ranking #87 – The one with the surprises”

    1. If you're familiar with The Voc@loid M@ster, it's the same, except for UTAU. If you're not… it's basically an event where Vocaloid– or in this case, UTAU– producers come to peddle their wares. It's an UTAU only event! ^^;

      Here's the link: http://ketto.com/utau/

  1. I love the rock songs. Ritsu really fits in #2.

    About #1… I liked more the short version, oh well.
    Tei had almost no songs this week. I guess it's still too soon but it's starting to seem she isn't going to be very popular for a VIP Utau.

    Thanks for another traslated week of UTAU rankings.

    1. You're welcome, and thank you for reading and taking the time to comment. ^_^

      I foresee Tei having a lull in popularity before popping back and becoming prevalent again. Or maybe she'll be kind of 'quiet' popular, like Ruko… Maybe for Vipperloids, it goes hit -> miss -> hit -> miss. Who knows… like I said, I'm not a very good UTAU predictor. (^^;)a

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