Weekend Spotlight – Double Coverage

"W Ruko" by Mukki

It’s another edition of Weekend Spotlight.  The current request: more covers.  Look up what we’ve done before before investigating this week’s half-boiled list of hits.

Now, count up your songs!

I could just beat the dead joke, but I’ll pander to a different fanbase, instead.

There’s something oddly appropriate about that.  I don’t know what or why, but there just is.  Anyway, it’s time to switch niches.

And now, for something completely different

Luka kicks it even older school.

I must say, I like the hair.  Finally, a power ballad, courtesy of X Japan

Songs of the Weekend

This week, we rock out with Owata

Get funky fresh from Teto

And exclaim our originality with Miku

That makes it case closed for this week.  Join us next time when I probably won’t shove a “my boom” on you.

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