Project DIVA 2nd – New Songs PV (As of July 16th)

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As the release date for the game nears SEGA has yet again updated the official Project DIVA site with news of three more songs that will be included in the game as well as the PVs to go along. These three songs are Migikata no Chou (Len’s version) by NoriP, Cantarella by WhiteFlame (KurousaP) and Change me by shu-tP and you can watch the videos below.

With these three new songs made known that leaves only four songs remaining which haven’t been revealed, which we will get to know more next week so do stay updated to Vocaloidism as always. ^_^

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14 thoughts on “Project DIVA 2nd – New Songs PV (As of July 16th)”

  1. I don't really think this game is for kids..
    Some of the costumes are a bit.. (you know) like the one luka got that is a kimono type thing (with a short skirt and a collar line that is a bit revealing)
    Also, no parent would buy their kid a game that has a song about diving into a nuclear reactor, right?


    While Watching Len's I was like, "Why do I see him in that Adult Dancer Costume..?" And then.. It switched to that outfit. I about died. |D
    Also, wonder Why Meiko's dancing is so overly sexual? /not a complaint. Sexy Meiko = win for all imo

  3. Len… no. Just no.

    Continuing on from that note… XD CANTERELLA!! SQWEE!! Man, this game look better and better everyday. Plus, in a way, I'm kinda glad there's some stuff that parents wouldn't want their kids to see in this game. Leaves all the fun to the older peoples. 😉

      1. Rin was originally going to have a young adult dancer outfit that was white so if they had made it official, Rin might have been dancing with Len in that vid! xD

  4. i think the other songs are Kokoro by Rin Saihate by Miku and Double Lariat by Luka because i saw some videos of them on youtube you guys should search it. and i love Canterella MIKUXKAITO all the way BABY!!

  5. at fist i was like…. "FINALLY len doesnt dace like a girl!!" then *boom* len's young dancer outfit ruined the whole dance… -_-
    man i waz enjoying how he danced too…
    but hey! i love his hair on the 2nd outfit… sega should put that hair on the original len instead…..

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