Hatsune Miku x TinierMe Collaboration Line-up!

Just recently TinierMe has announced a special collaboration with Crypton, in which Vocaloid related items will be made available on the site for a limited time, allowing users to customize their avatars to look like some of the Vocaloids. For more information just continue reading below.

Well, what is TinierMe exactly? It’s a online community website (like a SNS, or Social Network Service) which allows users to customize their avatar, play games and post on the forums. This time round the “Hatsune Miku x TinierMe Collaboration” is set to start from July 20th (after site updates) to November 30th (before site updates) and in order to get the items you would have to play the Gacha, which requires you to use real life money in order to purchase the G-coins to play (75 G-coins per Gacha turn). For more information on G-coins and how to purchase them you may want to refer to this page on the site. And a list of the Vocaloid items available for the Gacha can be seen here.

Think this has made you interested? Go over to the TinierMe site to register or simply head over here for those of you who have registered to start playing. =D

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10 thoughts on “Hatsune Miku x TinierMe Collaboration Line-up!”

  1. Sooo, is Tinier Me originally a Japanese thing? Because I'd be surprised if it's an English-speaking thing. Then it would be one of the rare cases where the Vocaloid English-speaking fan base is even officially acknowledged. KarenT's new English page is the only other instance I can think of.

    1. It's originally a Japanese site. (The English site is still in beta). I'm not sure if they've had a special Vocaloid event there, though.

    2. Yes, TinierMe is originally a japanese web game. But there were quite a lot of users asking for a Vocaloid gacha, so that might have been it.

  2. This made me log into TinierMe after abandoning my account for almost a year.
    And then made me close the website after I saw it was a G-Coin only gacha. Meh.

      1. He did, but gachas normally have a G-Coin version and a chibi coin version. I was expecting that the outfits would be GC and that we'd have something slightly related as CC.
        And I won't lie, I just saw the announcement and ran to the game heheh

  3. Made an account.

    It was fairly disappointing, the concert was just three clips on loop and you have to pay to get anything half-decent from it.

    1. if you want to get G-Coins for free, you can go to the 'Buy G-Coins' page, click the button that says 'Offers/Others' and then click on 'Free.' Then there are some tasks and things that you an complete to get some free G-Coins. Hope that helps. 🙂

  4. It’s a big tragedy in Japan. Earthquake, tsunami now problems in nuclear plant and three patients at a hospital tested positive for radiation exposure… I can’t understand why we can’t predict and to resist such a tragedies? We are able to send man to the moon, we are able even to explore Mars, and we can’t protect ourselves on Earth? Japanese, I’m with you.

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