VocaRan SP Individual Categories Now Up

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Just a quick reminder: the Vocaloid Ranking SP for individual categories are now up on NicoNicoDouga. Most of them are about individual Vocaloids (though the AHS and English Vocaloids are grouped together), and the rest consist of PVs and MMDs. If you want to watch, here’s a MyList to start you off. Have fun!

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19 thoughts on “VocaRan SP Individual Categories Now Up”

  1. I'm new enough not to know what this is exactly, can someone explain what I am looking at in the link and what it means.

    1. It's basically a Ranking Special of all the new songs that appeared in the first half of 2010 for each of the Vocaloids (Crypton, Internet, AHS, English Vocaloids) as well as a Ranking for PVs and MMDs.

    2. SP = SPecial. It's a special ranking that, in this case, features only songs new to the first half of 2010 (or at the very very end of 2009, after they'd already calculated the SP rankings for the end of 2009). They're split up according to the Vocaloids that sing them, and there are rankings for stuff like PVs and MMD videos too.

  2. I facepalmed at the person asking for Miki Miki Romantic Night on the AHSloids ranking. You see people, this is why there isn't an English version of Nico Nico Douga yet! Argh!! >_>;

    I lol'd at the English Vocaloids ranking being entirely Big Al songs– totally saw it coming though.

    1. If the information on how the songs were collected and ranked were provided in English, we might not have had that problem. Just sayin'.

      1. LIES! ALL LIES!!

        Really though, I actually kind of don't want this to happen. I know it's mean but all I can see is NND becoming like youtube in the future, and it scares me so bad. D:

      2. Whoa… WHOA! I thought they'd never get over their Anglophobia! This is good news, certainly.
        @dez there's nowhere on the Internet that can escape the cancer so you might as well come to terms with it.

      3. Something tells me, if that does happen… I'll turn the comments off FOREVER!

        BTW, isn't the only things that will be in english is the navigation?
        I doubt the videos name, tags, and video description will be in english too >_>

  3. Man, I'm sad at how low Meiko and Gakupo's ranking points are compared to well, Gumi and Kaito. Especially because their music are good too,.. Meiko's ranking is filled with techno (thanks to Shu-tP flood, I'm not complaining)
    it's scary that Uramaote Lovers parody is almost EVERYWHERE! (You can't escape from Wowaka)

    1. I think there are going to be less noobs on nico (and more smarter people are moving there) because 1. YOUTUBE IS SUCKING SO MUCH BALLS WITH ITS COPYRIGHT AND EVERYTHING AND 2.most illiterate people visit youtube….
      But hey, I might be right I might be wrong…

  4. I might have just missed it in the excitement of, "Yay, mid-year rankings!" but I can't remember seeing what the overall #1 song is. Can someone tell me?

    GUMI's Yowamushi Mont Blanc is the third, and Miku's Rolling Girl is the second (er, unless I'm misremembering). What's the first song overall?

      1. Thanks for telling me! I thought it would be, what with its popularity, consistency, and first week points, but I couldn't see where it said that. I figured maybe I just missed it as I was browsing other websites while listening.

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