Preview – Dead Master Figma + B★RS Merchandise Reservation Links Up

Recently this week Mikatan has updated her blog with preview images of the upcoming Dead Master Figma, which will be released by Max Factory later this year.

For more information on this figure as well as reservation links for other merchandises such as the 1/8 scale B★RS PVC figure, B★RS Metal Charm Collection 01 (Rock Cannon) and 02 (Dead Scythe) just continue reading after the break.

This Dead Master figma is set to be released in October this year at a price of 3,000 yen and Hobby Search and AmiAmi are taking reservations for it currently.

1/8 scale B★RS PVC figure

Also, it was announced as well that there will be a re-release of the 1/8 scaled B★RS PVC figure which will be released in December 2010 at a price of 9,800 yen. Hobby Search and AmiAmi are open for reservations on this figure.

B★RS Metal Charm Collection 01 - Rock Cannon
B★RS Metal Charm Collection 02 - Dead Scythe

And finally we have the B★RS Metal Charm Collection series which feature “01 – Rock Cannon” and “02 – Dead Scythe” and both of them will be priced at 3,800 yen each. The release date for the Rock Cannon is expected to be in September 2010 while Dead Scythe will be in October 2010. And here’s the reservation links for both of them below:

Rock Cannon – Hobby Search, AmiAmi
Dead Scythe – Hobby Search, AmiAmi

Information thanks to member soft-n-fluffy as well.

Info and image sources: Mikatan, Good Smile Company

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8 thoughts on “Preview – Dead Master Figma + B★RS Merchandise Reservation Links Up”

  1. I'm wondering if posts about BRS merchandise are really appropriate on this blog ?
    Huke and Ryo collaborated for the promotion song and there's a slight similarity between Miku and BRS, but that's all as far as I know. I don't think there are any plans to use Vocaloids for any other soundtrack or voice in the anime planned by Huke and I even read somewhere that he clearly stated that BRS was *not* Miku. At best BRS is just a better than average PV for one of Miku's well known songs (or the other way around for you BRS fan who ended up on the wrong blog ^^).

    1. I see your point but I think it is the very overlap in the fan communities that makes it relevant. While it is not "on-topic" per se, it should be argued that by posting this information here the needs of a significant fraction of the community are being met who share that overlapping interest. BRS is not Miku and the anime will not have Vocaloids but it is fair to say that the OVA would not exist at all without them as an inspiration and I doubt that is lost on the producers and it is likely part of what makes Vocaloid fans drawn to it.

      Sorry if it sounded harsh, I only providing a counter-point, you argument legitimate ofc. And to absolve myself from bias I personally have never been into the song or PV all that much, in my personal opinion its above mediocre for me but that's it.

    2. BRS is relevant for a lot of Vocaloid fans, since the character was first revealed via a Vocaloid song, and therefore the people most likely to know about her would be Vocaloid fans. Therefore, despite arguably being independent, it wouldn't make sense to not report on the BRS anime, since the Vocaloid community would be the group most interested in it. Things snowballed from there.

      My theory, anyway.

  2. Trying to split hairs aren't we? Then, by definition, utau are not vocaloid, so according to your argument, they should not be included on this site, nor should mention of niconico douga utattemita singers, since they don't just cover vocaloid music, but jpop and anime songs in general.

    Huke while an awesome artist would probably not have gotten any recognition of this magnitude had Ryo NOT been inspired by the drawings and NOT wrote BRS, the song probably would never have been written had there not been vocaloid, because as I understand it, Ryo was not a full time musician. The same goes for MMD and UTAU… would they exist had there not been vocaloid?

    The vocaloid community is very symbiotic, meaning that one person will do something that gets another person interested that will start a larger chain reaction leading to among other things, video games, anime cameos and other game cameos, recognition from big music lables, niconico douga live concerts featuring real musicians and composers and real singers.

    In a sense, NND would also not be as big or as popular had vocaloid not come along. It's become such a large part of NND that they've had to make a separate section for Vocaloid.

    So looking at a bigger picture, does BRS have enough relation to vocaloid to be covered on this site? Very much so.

    1. I don’t see any problem to put UTAU related information on this site because UTAU is not well know outside Japan (mostly in nicodouga) and there’s no other sites with much info about them then here.

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