Project DIVA 2nd – July 23rd PV Release and Project DIVA Arcade Update!

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Only six more days until the official Project DIVA 2nd release folks! For all you lucky people who will be receiving your copies soon I am envious. I will probably be dragging my feet on the matter until at least October when I will have a little less on my plate school-wise and fewer financial demands. (I gotta get the PSP as well unfortunately).

Well the news of the day appears to be yet another release of several Project DIVA 2nd PVs on the official Project DIVA NND Channel. It can be assumed that these songs and videos will be featured in the game upon its release. The three songs are: “Gemini” feat. Rin and Len Kagamine (by DixieFlatline), “from Y to Y” feat. Miku Hatsune (by JimmyThumbP), and “Honto wa Wakatteru” (tl. attempt: “I Get it, Really”) feat. Miku Hatsune (by FunakoshiP). Please enjoy these videos below:

The last PV really is lots of fun and I am happy to have discovered a song I didn’t know before. The song itself appears to have first been uploaded by the producer all the way back in 2007, I am sure he/she is overjoyed it has made it into the game. Finally, another Project DIVA Arcade Update is also up featuring clips from more included songs, take a look below:

Well is everyone excited that two well-known, popular songs (Y to Y, and Gemini) are part of the package? What do you think about the PVs themselves? According to DT’s count from last week this leaves just 1 more song to be revealed, so please keep checking back here with us at Vocaloidism! Thanks for reading!

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38 thoughts on “Project DIVA 2nd – July 23rd PV Release and Project DIVA Arcade Update!”

  1. OMFG!
    i cant believe it
    Gemini is in prject diva and the pv is so awesome
    OwO i want
    paradichlorobenzene in the game ><

    1. Glad you liked it, I was personally very surprised Gemini made it in, cause you would have thought they would talk about it more, but I am excited.

  2. Well now we know what those costumes rin and len are wearing were for. It was for Gemini :] though I have to say I'm a little disappointed that it wasn't for Servant of evil or Daughter of evil. I'll still keep hoping that that's the last song but judging from the website there's still one more Hatsune Miku module to be revealed. I'm guessing it will coincide with the last song

  3. I like Honto wa Wakatteru ! Never heard it before. And also very good PV: It provides some diversity to the dance moves that were a bit repetitive in the first instance of Project Diva. Giving Miku and the over Vocaloids more real-life moves like any in-flesh artist would do in a PV give them more life. If only SEGA could include more anonymous folks around the vocaloid singers and with the same quality in rendering, I think we could be ready to start some music-hall vocaloid goodness.

    I'm not interested in the PSP game but would love to have a release of all the PVs in Dreamy Theater quality to include them in StepMania. I heard Sega released an album of the songs in Project Diva Arcade, but no DVD so far.

    1. I was glad to discover it too, I wonder how it is so little know yet snuck into the game? I guess cause its good! Yeah I love seeing a "Story PV" in there instead of her just dancing as much as she does sometime. Both Miku and the PV itself are insanely cute, especially when she plays the goldfish game.

      On the other note a release like that would be amazing and I would consider obtaining it myself.

      But yes I'm pretty excited for this game.

  4. I like the new song choices and the last PV especially is adorable (it reminds me of what they did with Fukigen Waltz).

    However I have a feeling they're gonna shaft DECO*27, I was really looking forward to more songs from him (Soasei Riron? Shinkai Summit? Any!)…. I guess I'll just have to live with just Ai Kotoba.

    1. Oh wait did I miss somewhere that Ai Kotoba is going to be in the game? That is hands down far and away my FAVORITE Vocaloid song. I was psyched that is was part of the concert, so beautiful.

      1. Speaking about Ai Kobota, could someone explain me what is about the number 39 with Miku ?
        – In Ai Kobota: "iwatte kurete 39 mashita"
        – In Honto wa Wakatteru, look for the number 39 in the PV
        – Miku's concert was held the 9 March and named 39's thanks (and Ai Kobota was not among the songs)
        Is there some Japanese culture I'm missing here ?

        1. It's a language thing. 39 is written the same way as "Miku" but pronounced differently, I think.

        2. I hope I'm not replying to a post that was meant to be a joke =D. I only say that because you seem to know so much about the whole 39 thing haha.

          But yeah while Miku and its Kanji stand for "future", in another interpretation ミ and ク (of "Mi-ku") represent Japanese "object counting numbers" or something like that and are 3 and 9 respectively. One of the good Japanese speakers here can confirm this or something but I'm not sure.

          1. Not a joke, I'm a Japanese beginner and your answer is quite insightful !

            Your suggestion about the counters brought me to a possible even simpler explanation:
            The katakana ミ is quite similar to the kanji 三 which mean 3
            For 9, although written 九 in kanji, it his spoken kyuu … but also ku !

            So, associating ミク with 39 would be a visual and auditive trick that may spring spontaneously in the mind of a native Japanese speaker. Hehe now the Miku fans around the world have a secret number to identify their little diva 😉

          2. Looks like lots of other people beat me too the answer as well, big thanks to everyone, sorry we were slow in approving some of the comments.

        3. Ai Kotoba was amoung the songs, refer to this:….

          And if you have the webcast she begins to sing this as the first encore song before "Melt", right around 2:02:00 into the video.

          Sorry that I know that but I watch that song and Just Be Friends way too much for my own good. I think Deco*27 himself was onstage during that song (might be wrong about that)

          1. Oh really? I should go watch that then. I've seen a picture of DECO*27 and I think he's kinda cute, LOL

          2. Yeah, I'm going off this picture alone which I saw a week or so ago:

            Only picture of Deco I have ever seen I think. But yeah during Ai Kotoba there is a guy on stage who is trying to get everyone all pumped up and is just kinda halfway playing his guitar. I think it might be him, but as I said I am not sure. But yeah definitely check it out.

    1. Thanks! Well that got fixed fast, even before I could do it myself. Thanks for pointing that out, dunno what I was doing, I listened to the song on NND but in searching for an actual translation for the title I wound up seeing some other name on YT that messed me up.

      1. I fixed that after noticing Samuel's comment, which is why it's always better for other Editors to take a proper look at the article beforehand. =P

        1. Yup, gotta be more responsible or get egg on my face :D. So many well educated readers and editors around these parts, I better cut out these mistakes.

      1. Thanks everyone, i guess it was jsut my computer, like i saw the comments fly by, but no video. it works now, though. Thanks again :3

    1. I can watch the video alright. =/ Also, the external NND videos in this article (and others) can be watched by everyone, even those who don't have a NND account.

      1. Thanks DTKel, BTW could you explain us how to link a NND video for people not having an account ? The mandatory registration of NND is so annoying that I usually end up trying to find a repost of the video on YouTube and then use this link 🙁

    1. I have already registered, but it's more about being able to provide a link to people who may not have one. There's probably a way to do that since it's what happening on this Blog.

        1. Yes great !

          I now understand their trick: there's a javascript trigger which enable the viewing (presumably by setting a cookie in the browser), it's possible to do that from a blog web page but not with a simple link in a forum post or an email where javascript is disabled for security reasons.

          Well seems I will have to setup my own webpage to provide links to NND videos without the registration …

  5. I kinda wish their costumes in Gemini had little angel wings on them~ > o> But it's really cute, I love how they get mad at eachother.

    && from Y to Y is one of my favorite Miku songs ever. <3

  6. More songs in the package just means MORE FUN when it's released! Well for those with a PSP/PS3 of course. The newly added songs and it's associated PVs look most interesting! To think there is just one more song left!

    I've never heard of any of those songs except Gemini, am happy to diversify my music with Project Diva. (Thanks PD & descent87)

    I need to brush up on my Japanese though, that Y to Y song sounded devastatingly weird when I only knew like 9 keywords xD

  7. dang, why do games from other games have to be so exspensive. >_< I totally want this game… but don't we all?

    anyway, Gemini = Cuteness Deluxe! Man, I can't wait to see the entire video. I love the twin's little outfits. ^_^

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