Weekly UTAU Ranking #88 – The one with the heat stroke

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Aw man, I was kinda hoping the UtaRan would end up being delayed until Friday, so I could have a good excuse to push it off on someone else… It’s too freakin’ hot for this… [/epitome of laziness]

Yes, this Friday, Saturday and Sunday, I’ll be at an anime convention. Don’t look for me. You don’t know what I look like, and we’re keeping it that way. Trust me, it’s for your own good. >_>; Well this is no longer applicable. I didn’t want to post the UtaRan with no comments, and I was unavailable all weekend… I guess it doesn’t matter now, though, does it?

Now then… ranking time! Enjoy! Enjoy!

Sorry for the wait. It’s time for this week’s UtaRan. It was really late this time… there’s no excuse. The uploader will be reprimanded for it later.

Now, to change the topic… It’s almost time for students to begin their summer vacantion, right? This year we have a very hot summer. Has everyone already planned out how you’re going to spend your summer?

The uploader is already a little tired… I hope everyone has a fun-filled summer.

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Here’s this week’s news corner. First are new voicebanks. This week there are 20 new voicebanks. Here I’ll present the first ten.

Karune Gao (educated guess)
Min Fuunyan
Kaji Rai
Ryoune Shia (educated guess)
Macfu Fifi
Namika Lilith
Kawasaki Riku
Sakai Nina


Oh my god, the over amount of Furry UTAU springing up all over the place lately. I don’t even know anymore. Haha~ And I’m surprised to see Fifi in the ranking. Besides the eye-rape and unseeable I just witnessed, this was a pretty alright week. Though, only three songs really jumped at me. I feel like using vocaloids in collaboration with UTAU is slightly like.. super ego boost and slightly unfair, but meh. There’s nothing to be done and I’m sure some would love to disagree with that thought. And I would be one of those people, and I would also love to know what exactly you mean by that. What’s the problem, exactly?

Until the next ran release, because lately they’ve been so irregular and slightly annoying and hard to keep up with. See ya~

I see more crossfades in the extra ranking… I sure wish I could’ve gone to Utam@s. ;_; Having said that, good week overall. Nice songs, not too many covers. The crossfades make me happy and sad at the same time– happy people are making UTAU CDs, and sad that I have no means of buying them. >_>;

‘Til next time! 今日からもよろしくお願いします!☆

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7 thoughts on “Weekly UTAU Ranking #88 – The one with the heat stroke”

  1. Could someone explain me what are songs with Miku or KAITO as the sole singer are doing in an UTAU ranking ?

    However, the Chaingirl remix (鎖の少女 – Extra Ranking #1) is quite good, Teto's cover vocal is far better than what was done in Triple baka.

    1. If they're the sole singer, the song won't be in the ranking. If they're singing with an UTAU doing backup, it will be in the extra ranking. If the Vocaloid is of equal or lesser importance, it will be in the main ranking. Simple.

      The reason why Teto's Chain Girl is far better is because there have been several upgrades to her voicebank, and the Chain Girl cover (among most other Teto songs these days) use them. Triple Baka was made back when Teto was new and did not have a very good voicebank compared to now.

    2. That Chain Girl remix/duet is really the first UTAU song I have listened to outside of "Kasane Territory" (an older Teto song which is really cute but has unimpressive voice work). Color me much more impressed, I guess I have to start giving a little more personal respect and attention to UTAU and keeping an eye on future works. It only took one song, "World is Mine", to get me into Vocaloid, I guess its only fair to give UTAU a chance as well.

      @Shortcake Thanks for clearing that up, I was about to ask the same question as well.

  2. Giving a try to translate the strip (apologies for the knowlegeable here, I'm a beginner).

    Momo: What kind of rice do you like ?
    Ruko: Boiled
    Teto: Golden
    Kaito: Sticky
    Momo: Well, then I'll do a sticky mix

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