Project DIVA 2nd Final Pre-Release Annoucements

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The countdown is finally nearing its end and the arrival of the highly anticipated PSP title: “Project DIVA 2nd” is just around the corner. Soon thousands of avid Vocaloid fans will be receiving their first-edition pre-orders, complete with commemorative Nendoroid Plus Hatsune Miku Charms. Many will quickly begin killing themselves to clear songs on the highest difficulties, aiming to unlock numerous in-game goodies. We know quite a few of our readers are eagerly waiting to begin playing or watching the countless gameplay and PV uploads that will soon be coming to NicoDouga and Youtube. Vocaloidism is happy to bring you one last News and PV update on the eve of the big event!

To start things off lets take a look at the final Project DIVA 2nd song releases. Today’s updates can be found at the official SEGA Project DIVA 2nd website and on the Project DIVA NND Channel.The first PV, the very last one to be revealed for the game, is one of Vocaloid’s oldest: ハジメテノオト or “Hajimete no Oto” (tl: First Tone) ft. Miku Hatsune and produced by Malo in 2007. The PV also features yet another of the new outfits that will be included in the game:

To touch on a little bit of history for our newer Vocaloid fans (of which this blogger is himself), Hajimete no Oto was part of the initial wave of popular Vocaloid and Miku productions. Released in the in the months immediately following the release of Vocaloid2 software, it was also the subject one of the first 3D videos produced for Miku. You can watch that video here if you like.

Today’s second PV release is “classic” holdover from the original Project DIVA. “Dear Cocoa Girls” ft. Miku Hatsune (by DeadballP) and its Waterpark-style PV provide an apt background for SEGA to show off its new swimsuit models for the game. Unfortunately for many of our female readers Len and Kaito are not featured in the video but nevertheless all four of our female Crypton Vocaloids look absolutely stunning (feel free to fight over this in the comments below):

(A test for our readers: Did you spot Haku and Neru? No? Well try again… give up? Well scroll over to user Lala’s recent post in the chatbox to your right for the answers!)

Let’s conclude today’s pre-release hype with the following tidbit. Japanese gaming news blog is reporting that SEGA is currently making preparations to release Project DIVA 2nd as digital content via the Playstation Network (PSN). Marking a first for the Project DIVA series, the game will be made available about one month after the initial release date on August 31st, 2010. The download version will be offered at the slight discount of ¥5,400/$62 (compared to ¥6,040/$69) and will obviously not include any of the first edition release bonuses such as the bonus charm. As more information becomes available on this exciting new development we will be sure to provide you with the details.

Well that’s all from me today. Let’s end with some questions for discussion: Are you excited or bummed that the final PV is yet another “Vocaloid Classic”? What are everyone’s opinions on the new swimwear and outfits? And finally, does the PSN distribution announcement make those of you who haven’t already ordered the game more likely to purchase it? Feel free to discuss in the comment section.

Thanks for reading and have a fabulous day!

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17 thoughts on “Project DIVA 2nd Final Pre-Release Annoucements”

  1. *willpower save against compulsive buying of the Miku-themed teal PSP bundle*: succeed (so far 😉 )

    Thanks for the link to this old Hajimete video descent87, I now understand why this last Sega PV is the first were Miku fly. I can't wait to see the video uploads of people with Dreamy Theater.

    And speaking of swimsuits, the new PV for cocoa girls remind me a lot of the impressive work done by Kurohyou-P with Asereje.
    Obviously the f***tards of the MAFIAA got Kurohyou's youtube page removed but here is a link anyway:
    [youtube Wdy-OJShxro Asereje youtube]

    1. Lol that video is really random haha, but you can tell alot of work went into it and its pretty cool. Fill me in on this MAFIAA/Kurohyou drama, I know nothing about this! I actually like Miku's new swimsuit alot better, the blue provides a contrast and looks cuter than the striped green one. The fact that the old one matched her haircolor wasnt a strongpoint IMO.

      Yeah I am dying for Dreamy Theater uploads myself cause I probably won't be getting that till December at least if I do.

      1. Kurohyou-P is famous for his parodies, but of course he's quite often using soundtracks without the required authorizations although his work is clearly under fair use, he frequently got them removed due to the oppressive tactics of the RIAA/MPAA (better known as MAFIAA).
        These guys are dumb and fighting a backyard battle, but there's so much money at stake to protect their obsolete business model (check google vs viacom to have an idea) that they don't care if they stomp original creators with their cease&desist letters and DMCA laws.

        1. Yeah its an unsustainable system and that's a cool name MAFIAA, I am gonna use that one now when I complain!

          I really want that PSP you mentioned too.

  2. I haven't heard anything about Nendoroids. I think you mean the charm Miku that comes with the first edition?

    1. Yeah your basically right, I edited the post to reflect that a little better soft. Technically they are "Nendoroid Plus Hatsune Miku: Hatsune Miku Project DIVA -special vers.- CHARMS". But we'll just call them nendoroid charms for the time being, thanks for making me look into that more and not be lazy and rely on memory.

      1. Oh, I didn't know the charms were actually made by GSC. In that case, Nendoroid is the proper term in this case, sorry ^^;

        Also, I'm a Len fangirl but I'm a-okay with him not being in Dear Cocoa Girls, because it is Dear Cocoa GIRLS after all. And the girls' new swimsuits are really cute, especially Luka's.

        1. LOL You have a great point about the song title, very true.

          Luka's is really cute, though I am surprised to see her wearing the skirt since she is usually depicted as more "mature", somehow it seemed like that would be part of Miku or Rin's ensemble.

          "Nendoroid (ねんどろいど?) is a brand of small plastic figures, created by the Japanese Good Smile Company (ja:グッドスマイルカンパニー)."——> People teaching me new things everyday….I didn't know haha.

  3. YES, been waiting for news on whether or not this was hitting the PSN for far too long, you have made a lowly Go-owner happy this day.

    1. Yeah this is big news and in some ways is the closest thing to a first concession by SEGA/Crypton on easier content distribution to Vocaloid fans worldwide, I know the Japanese are often hesitant about these things but this is a good first step and will hopefully help them realize that demand exists to an extent in the outside world and they should try to meet the needs to some extent.

  4. I spent way too much on this game (Got those Amiami goods too….) but IT WILL BE WORTH IT!

    I was kinda disappointed Hajimete no Oto wasn't remixed or updated or something, it just sounds kinda old (Yes, you may kill me because I'm not a fan of the song). However the overall tracklist looks quite fun (Although why Birinbou Arabesque and Kouya to Mori to Mahou no Uta instead of some of the other old Pjd songs?)

    Also, didn't expect that much Meiko boobage.

  5. Kyaa~ Luka is so cute 😀
    Her new swimsuit is kinda wholesome (though, i see Luka as someone modest and reserve, so I don't mind it), but still super cute 😀 So adorable~ I also liked her swimsuit form the previous game 😀

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