Weekly UTAU Ranking #89 – All eyes are on you

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Having a twitter in another language is hard work. But we’re not here to talk about that.

I kind of missed a lot of the new UTAU stuff this week, but I do remember an awesomesauce Yufu original song + PV, so hopefully that’ll rank up there. We haven’t had an awesomesauce Yufu original in a while.

Okay, ranking time! Heaven or Hell? Let’s rock!

Sorry for the wait. Here’s this week’s UTAU ranking.

July ends this week. Even though there are a lot of events happening, it’ll all be over before you know it. But don’t slack off just yet. The events will continue on for a while more!

First is the fifth MMD Cup preliminaries. This is really important event, so be sure to join in the fun~ The announcement video ID: sm11007275

Also going on will be the Yufu’s Day festival (August 2nd, for those who don’t remember or pay attention), the Natsu wo UTAwaseru (Let Summer Sing) festival, and the UTAU-CMPV festival. I hope everyone has fun and enjoys them♪

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Here’s this week’s information corner. First are new voicebanks. (Including Taiyoune Sol, who was supposed to be included prior. We’ll include him in this video with an apology.) There are sixteen new voicebanks this week, so here are the first ten, but please check out all of the videos.~

(currently unnamed) <-nice song! MARO
Ayane Miru
Kuroji Mui
Suhamusumemusumiinochiataineko­shutsufukowaine Su I… think. >_>;
Kamene Kasui
Kagene Himeka
Taiyoune Sol


I find it annoying that some songs rank high because they get more views SIMPLY BECAUSE there’s a Vocaloid in there. On that note, although I can understand why number 2 ranked so high, I feel like number three should’ve been first this week. Well, there’s always next week…

Did they… Did they put Sol in as a separate voicebank? Nooo, this is a genderbend. They seem to do that a bit too much… It’s all about the lack of proper communication of information. I hardly ever go on youtube period, so I know only as much as the other Niconians do when it comes to new UTAU, and as far as I could tell, Sol was a new UTAU, not a genderbend. So… yeah. ようつべ and にこにこ just need to communicate better. :3

Seems this week I lack vibrant opinion in everything. Oh well. Maybe I’ll fnd something more fun and vivid to say, And maybe stop irking Dez so much with my dislike of Nana and Kanipan. Just stop hatin’ on Ochame Kinou so much and I’ll be happy, honest~

Okay, well ’till next time! お楽しみに!☆

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9 thoughts on “Weekly UTAU Ranking #89 – All eyes are on you”

  1. Well, obviously I'm still confused with the UTAU ranking, I though that songs with a Vocaloid could not be in the main ranking and that the extra ranking was for this purpose.

    1. Specifically songs with a Vocaloid as the main voice. If they sing duet with an UTAU or provide background they're allowed in the normal.

    2. It's all about how much. If there's more Vocaloid than UTAU, then it goes in the Extra ranking, since it's not really an UTAU song. If it's more UTAU than Vocaloid, then it's okay for the main ranking. If it's half and half, then it's okay for the main ranking too. It works the same way for the Vocaloid ranking, except they don't have an 'extra' ranking. =)

    1. …Well since "Marble" was on sale at UTAM@S, I guess that means it's been released since the 19th. It can be bought now through other channels, but good luck finding a site that is in English/will ship international. =|

      It's 650 yen, by the way– but I DON'T know if it comes with the illustration booklet. I would hope so. I want those pretty pictures…!

      1. thanks for the info. I want this album so badly, i'll even try to use tenso if possible if i find it.

        btw, it's seems kaito has been appearing a lot lately

        1. If you do happen to find a way to buy it and have it shipped to America, let me know, 'kay? ^_^

          Maybe then I can get to buying some of the other Utam@s CDs, too, like Graduation from a Lie… I really want that one. (It has a revamped version of Tetrapod on it!! *fangirls*)

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