Preview – B★RS & Dead Master Nendoroid Puchi + B★RS Stop Motion Video

Mikatan has earlier updated her blog with preview images for the upcoming Nendoroid Puchi set by Good Smile Company which consists of Black★Rock Shooter and Dead Master.

For more preview images and information as well as a look into the behind-the-scenes images for the making of the “Black★Rock Shooter Stop Motion Video” just continue reading after the break.

First up, the B★RS Nendoroid Puchi set.

This Nendoroid Puchi set will only be made available as part of a limited edition package for the “First Release” retail version of Blu-Ray/DVD set of the anime and the package includes the following:

  • Original Illustrated Double-Jacket for the Blu-Ray/DVD – by huke and Yuusuke Matsuo
  • 36-page Color Illustration Book – by huke and Yuusuke Matsuo
  • Storyboard Collection
  • BRS Stop Motion Video
  • BRS Stop Motion Video – Making of Bonus
  • Nendoroid Puchi B★RS Set consisting of Black★Rock Shooter and Dead Master

To be released in December 2010, this package will be retailing at 4,000 yen and Hobby Search and AmiAmi are taking reservations for it currently. For those interested in getting just the Blu-ray disc only (priced at 2,000 yen) then it’s also available on Hobby Search and AmiAmi as well.

And onto the second part of the article, here are some of the images for the making of the stop motion video which was taken over at Hollywood.

This video will also feature a remix version of the B★RS theme song done by Joe Hahn of Linkin Park as well, which was originally by Supercell. You can see more of the images by clicking on the link below.

Info source: Mikatan

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7 thoughts on “Preview – B★RS & Dead Master Nendoroid Puchi + B★RS Stop Motion Video”

  1. The nendoroids are so cute… I wish I had the money to get them ;__;

    AHH! The stop Motion B★RS looks kinda scary D: I look forward to watching it regardless though xD

  2. The Nendoroids are sooooo freaking cute…
    The stop-motion is NOT. Hell no. It's creepy. I'm NOT looking forward to that one.

    (and I'm probably never gonna get to that review /shot)

  3. OH MY GOSH Petits, OVA, remix of BRS by LINKIN PARK!!! I have gotta buy this!! I can't believe this!
    Plus, subtitles in 7 languages! Yesh…

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