Weekly VocaRan #148 – Shake that booty!!!

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Vocaloid NND Weekly Ranking
Weekly Vocaloid Ranking #147 “Unselected”

Oh wait, what? Is it VocaRan time already? Huh, time sure flies fast when you’ve been doing nothing but stare at MEIKO’s tush 24/7… Y’know what? Lemme just embed that in here so you guys could also be hypnotized by MEIKO’s booty.

…Now that I got that out of the way, let’s get on with the rankings… which I am terrified to watch now, since a certain song just hit a million views on NND, and I fear that I might punch a hole in my new 21.6″ LCD monitor. I’ll need a MyList first before I tread into these silent waters.

*ahem* Not yet DK… it’s at under 100 away now, though. I’m F5’ing at the speed of light on this one. Now it is! Congratulations!!

Naho’s Opening Statement:

The time has come for this week’s VocaRan!

DIVA 2nd has finally been released…! Also, July 31st was Gakupo-sama’s second anniversary! Happy birthday, Gakupo!

Now then, this week’s ranking is very very interesting… With Gakupo’s birthday, and it’s just before Comiket, and the MMD Cup starting up again, we should have a lot of variety in our lineup this week.

And with that, let’s go have a look at the ranking, shall we? This week as well, from 30, it’s time to start!


-Editors: Holocauxt, DTKel, Joe Mello, deztora, rebecca, redemtion2, GreenSage , descent87, bunnychan
-Song Stats: Up (↑), Down (↓), Unmoved (→), Unranked (–), New (!!)

    This spot is for a look back at the VocaRan one year before. Here are the top five songs from that week.

    • H5: Not my favorite Vocaloid song, rather my favorite song of all time! Touching and lovely. One of DECO*27’s best.
    • H4: One, two, three, four… if it’s fifth in next week’s history, I’m gonna call shenanigans.
    • H3: One of my favorite Gakupo songs. Why can’t more songs like this be made?
    • H2: <no comment>
    • H1: One of the best Luka songs to date. I don’t know why this isn’t more popular– oh wait, yes I do… people don’t like trance. Russian, wide world of vocaloids indeed.
  • #3: 【初音ミク(40㍍)】 トリノコシティ 【オリジナル】 (!!)
    I really like the bass guitar and piano combination in the verses.  It’s almost a shame to have the other instruments added in. Classic 40㍍, nice pic as well.
  • #2: 【初音ミク】家に帰ると妻が必ず死んだふりをしています。 (↑117)
    Hey, it’s Steve Martin!
  • #1: 【神威がくぽ・他】ヴェノマニア公の狂気【中世物語風オリジナル】 (!!)
    Okay, I’ll admit that the lyrics are hard to follow and aren’t exactly melodious, but  the instrumentation is awesome, and lord is this pretty to look at. The universe likes me lately. Okay, Len song number one next week! Make it happen, please and thank you! Mothy Magic and good PV, no wonder Tailor shop also got bumped up. So much Miku hate in the comments, lol she is in this song stupids! Admire P’s instead. This is great Gakupo work. Awesome everything here!

In Other Vocaloid News:

A concept album that follows the progression from the “birth” to the “disappearance” and “passionate song”, “Hatsune Miku no Shoushitsu / cosMo@暴走P feat. Hatsune Miku” will be released by EXIT TUNES on August 4th.

The 5th MMD Cup has begun and is gaining ground. August will be another month filled with various events! It’s so exciting, isn’t it?

With that, here’s the rest from this week, from 31 onward.

Final Thoughts/Analysis:

There’s something…right (for lack of a better term) about Gakupo songs oozing visual kei style.  I wish it didn’t feel so rare in Vocaloid songs.  I mean, yeah, you’re free to do whatever you want with the software, but this guy was the front man for Malice Mizer!  Show some respect!

Yay, Lots of new stuff this week. Mosaic Roll had a great run but out top 3 were all deserving and the fall should be expected. Both of Luka’s Dancefloor songs were awesome and even the History brought back good memories, a good week.

…And so with that, we end this week’s Vocaloid Ranking review. Please join us again next week when Meiko hosts a pants off dance off.

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27 thoughts on “Weekly VocaRan #148 – Shake that booty!!!”

  1. Not yet Holocauxt: I'm at 999 875 now. But yeah, this will be Len's second song to hit the 1M views after C6H4Cl2

    @John care to explain ? (No native English speaker)

  2. @Samuel
    Lovely ladies can make money by shaking their tush around in front of the right people : )
    Also, this will actually be Len's THIRD song to reach 1M – The first was Servant of Evil. And from where I'm standing, Len's version just made it to 1M a couple minutes ago!! ミリオンおめでとう!

    Surely you mean that you will punch your monitor out of sheer delight at Len's and のりP's great achievement?

  3. Okey boring miku songs
    Gumi epics songs
    Just Be friends
    and a good song of gakupo
    Not nice week
    without kagamine twins vocaran is so… boring
    I really hate miku

    1. I've been meaning to ask you this for a while: Why do you have such intense love for Rin and Len and such intense hate for Miku?

      1. really dont like miku character and her voice D:!
        i only like 3 song of her (of the millions of songs that she sings)
        1925, clock lock works and romeo and cinderella
        and len and rin i have always love them

        i never liked miku D:

        1. Lol please don't hate her! Just keep it at moderate dislike, otherwise I'll be disappoint.

          What about Rin and Len's characters appeal so much more to you? (don't worry, I like them)

        2. Uh… what?
          If you don’t like her voice find covers.
          I find it hard to believe you only like 3 Vocaloid original songs that happened to be sung by Miku, since Miku didn’t write the song.
          Miku is one of my least favorites too, but most of my Vocaloid playlist consists of “Miku” originals, as I think a lot of the best Ps happen to use her.
          If the song sounds “meh” with her voice, just find a good human version!
          Since most users use Miku, she does get a lot of generic songs, but she also gets a lot of good ones too!

          But man, do I agree with you that we need more Kagamine (also my favorites).

          1. Thanks for putting it so well. Yeah I'm a Miku fan, but the only reason I get mad when people hate on her is cause I feel they are ignoring tons of quality songs put out by many, MANY Ps. Human and other Vocaloid covers are often just as good or many times better depending on your preferences!

  4. I can't believe Kaito's Paradoxical Paradigm didn't hang in there, I was impressed by it.

    Most of the higher ranked Miku work is impressive the lower stuff is rather meh. Glad to see someone different claim the top spot, deservingly so, maybe people will complain about Miku less, its not her fault, the P's and fans are the reason! Mothy's work is always great.

  5. @ Joe Mello
    Hetalia is popular because there's a different type of boy for many different types of tastes since there's a gajillion characters. (I think that's part of the reason Touhou is popular too-lots of different types of girls) If you don't like 2D boys then there's probably no reason you should care. Well, I have met some guys who like it just for the comedy and laugh the fanservice off.
    As for myself, I do love me some Hetalia! I'd like to see that song subbed. axisP is pretty cool.

  6. I couldn't figure out what song Paradoxical Paradigm was, so I had to go back and look for it again. パラドキシカル・パラダイム, right? (I swear, I never recognize vocaloid songs by their english name, only japanese one. I fail, bleh.) I have to say, quite a good song. However, it's too long. I listened to it the first few minutes the first time I heard about it.
    1:00: Man, IT'S AWESOME.
    2:00: Still awesome~
    3:00: …
    4:00: It's getting quite repetive…
    5:00: Okey, I give up…

    Awesome song, but too long for my taste. <_>

      1. Yeah, I something similar happened me a while ago. I had Luka's "Distorted Love – Club Extend mix" on iTunes and decided to randomly listen to it, I couldn't even listen to it half way, the song is friggin' 7min long. GOD, can't they just make the good songs around 4min instead? <_>

    1. Not sure but yeah he is a professional animator/artist. Here is his ANN page, it does look like he has provided some original character designs for a new anime coming out this year, so good for him.

      Love the Eureka 7 OST btw, even though I've never seen the show lol.

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