Happy 2nd Birthday to Gakupo!

Image Source: 歯車

Although many have forgotten of his existence (this is the only reason I can think of to justify the severe lack of good Gakupo originals), we here at V-ism have not forgotten about our favorite singing samurai– despite the late birthday article. (Gakupo celebrated his second birthday on July 31st.) Well, here we are now, with a small collection of pictures and videos to help celebrate his special day. Join us, won’t you?~

First we have a few videos that people have uploaded in celebration of Gakupo’s second birthday. A couple of them you might recognize.

A cool, rhythmic duet with Gakupo and Meiko from MineK, this song will have you bobbing your head in no time. Interesting tuning on Gakupo’s voice here.

This rocking remake is pleasing on both the ears and the eyes. Seriously, the PV is gorgeous.

The song is good and the tuning is excellent, but I recommend not watching this with the lights off. Don’t make the same mistake I did. @_@

As expected of the same P that brought us the classic earworm “Dancing Samurai”. Is it just me, or did he put a lot more work into the PV than normal?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you already know this one. The fourth in AkunoP’s Seven Deadly Sins series, this one focuses on Gakupo’s insatiable lust. It’s almost NSFW, just a heads up.

Now here are some images that people have drawn for Gakupo’s 2nd birthday. Please enjoy!~

Image Source: 瑞貴りょう
Image Source: うめだ
Image Source: めい
Image Source: しーな/秕
Image Source: もうり@土曜東
Image Source: himi
Image Source: ゆさひらり
Image Source: アリコシ
Image Source: 日暮
Image Source: かえr

We sincerely wish you a happy (belated) birthday Gakupo, and we hope to see many more awesome songs from you in the future!

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  1. Happy Birthday Gakupo and props to all the P's who use him well, more need to do so!

    Thanks for sharing Dancing Love and Stainless Moon, new to me and I really liked them. Epic art is epic as well.

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