Weekly UTAU Ranking #90 – It’s that time again

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In case you haven’t been hanging around Nico Nico recently, it’s time for another round of the MMD Cup. This is especially good news for UTAU fans, since MMD Cup entries often employ UTAU models, thus giving them more fame. In case you forgot, “All Starts Are The ‘M'” won TWO judges awards in the last round of the MMD Cup– and it did pretty well in its own right, too. What will the 5th MMD Cup bring to the table? We can only wait and see… or, if you’re proficient with MMD yourself, you could make an entry of your own. Just throwing that out there.

But enough of that. Onto the ranking! This week as well, from number 20, start!

Sorry for the wait. It’s time for this week’s UTAU ranking.

It’s August now, huh… Every day is hot and humid. But in the midst of that, the “Natsu wo UTAwaseru (Let Summer SING) Festival 2010” voting has begun. UTAU system creator Ameya-san is voting on it. Everyone, be sure you go to vote too! The URL: http://utau-synth.com/natu2010/index/cgi

Also, it seems the uploader’s considering a second “Let’s vote on songs we like and make an album video!” project. We’ll talk about it here if we finish the preparations. Keep an eye out for it until then!

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Here’s this week’s information corner. First is a feature of the MMD Cup Preliminaries videos that have UTAU characters in them. We’ll present the ones that had enough points to make the top 20 ranking.

#5: 【第5回MMD杯予選】鳥の詩_from_D.T.M.R. – <no comment>
#4: 【第5回MMD杯予選】ウッターマン – Might be funny, but other than that…
#3: 【第5回MMD杯予選】おちゃめ機能【MMD-PV】 – Ochame Kinou the drama? I’d watch it.
#2: 【第5回MMD杯予選】ショートフィルム「グルグル」【テト&ミク競演】 – Now THAT’s what I’m talking about!
#1: 【第5回MMD杯予選】KAITOの新婚生活【テト、結婚編】 – <no comment>

There are lots of videos being uploaded for the MMD Cup. If you haven’t seen any yet, be sure to check them out~!

Next are the new voicebanks. But before that, because we missed them the first time, we are including Sumeragi Hikaru and Zetsuchoukan Yami this week with an apology. There are 19 new voicebanks this week, so with the previously mentioned two, here are the first ten. You should check out the rest of them though~

Seishoubo Tama
Akene Kuro
Sumeragi Hikaru/Murasaki
Vuvuzela (ugh…)
Amene Rou and Dokune Iu
Nemurine Taisei
Zetsuchoukan Yami
(currently unnamed)
Juugatsu Oto
Fugurumaoto Nobu

Anyone happen to know why 27 was taken off? It was last week’s number three… I thought it was awesome (in case you somehow couldn’t tell). And I didn’t get to download it yet… Maybe it’ll be put back up later with an improved version or something.

Search to find a way to buy Utam@s CDs continues. I’m thinking of just asking the Ps directly involved over twitter. The knowledge that that couldn’t possibly end well is the only thing preventing me from trying it. ^^; Phfft, if you find a way to get the Marble album, let me know! I know, right?! There’s three websites you can buy it from, and all of them refuse to ship international. ARGH! *headdesk* *cries*

Not a mind-blowing week, but the “Ochame Kinou” craze seems to be (finally) calming down (I like that song, btw). I’m expecting a raise in MMD videos for the next little while (The MMD #2 video looks promising, can’t wait to see the full video), but I also hope we get some nice originals (and more Ruko, Koto, and Tei, please).

Well, that’s all for this week. Join us next week, and *insert obligatory warning against tracing here*

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6 thoughts on “Weekly UTAU Ranking #90 – It’s that time again”

  1. Man, I totally wanted #22 to be in the top 20, but I guess it's good enough that it's included as a pickup.

    And I don't get the appeal of the videos like #17. Even the singing's normally not that good either.

  2. I like how each week there are a lot of "NEW" songs in this ranking.
    Hmm, but I think it was a normal week, some good songs but none epic (at least for my taste).

    1. That's because of a rule specific to the UtaRan that says that a song can't be in the ranking for more than two weeks. =D

      I agree, no totally epic songs this week (though the Engrish one does come close).

  3. I totally did a doubletake upon seeing #2 as new, because I remember finding a Ritsu cover of the same song a few weeks back. And sure enough, when I searched it, I found… http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm11266332
    Submitted on the third of July. Am I confused or was THIS cover also in the ranking at one point?

    1. TBH, I noticed the same thing, and I was wondering if the version that's #2 in this ranking would be counted. Although I listened to both and they sound identical, and I think the only real difference is the PV in the second, I guess if ゆらほにゃP made even slight changes to the song in the new version, then it counts as a 'new' song, and thus gets counted in the UtaRan.

      It is kind of cheap, but hey, cosMo did the same thing with the long version of Hatsune Miku no Bousou, taking away the number one spot from GUMI. Might as well work in favor of something good for once. *shrugs*

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