Weekend Spotlight: Choot to Kill

With all the despair and disgust surrounding our lives, we must turn to the greatest hero of our times to save us and end our week with something positive.  And here she is!

And so, the day is saved, thanks to a blog cut.

Songs of the Weekend

Halyosy is up to his old Utatte Mita tricks again, and I’m up to my old Highlight-Utaka-I-Like tricks again.

Someone’s going to have to explain that song to me. And why Miku was depicted as like 4 years younger than everyone else.

In ranking news, let’s see how fast sasakure can rack up the points with a new jam from Rin.

It’s like the visuals Roshin Yuukai and World’s End Dancehall had a kid and raised him on Dali and MC Escher. And no, I have no idea what that means, either.

Finally, it’s MMD Cup, which means there’s likely UTAU afoot. This isn’t necessarily the case this time, but with over 5,000 pts. already, Yufu doesn’t care.

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4 thoughts on “Weekend Spotlight: Choot to Kill”

  1. I think I've been listening to the Miku Append version of BRS too much…this version sounds odd, but nontheless, cute animation!! 😀

  2. BRC definitely did her job there. A smile to start the weekend is a wonderful thing.

    The third PV is worth watching again. (Those eyes… staring into my -soul-…)

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