New ‘Vocaloid’ Announced

A rather cryptic website has popped up featuring two sample songs from an upcoming Vocaloid, simply titled VY1. Other sources say that her name is “Mizuki,” and even more speculate that this might actually be a splicing project, as the two featured songs seem to have different voices each. The truth? Only time will tell.

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19 thoughts on “New ‘Vocaloid’ Announced”

  1. She seems to have a lot of pronunciation patterns in common with Rin. (In honesty, she sounds like an older, smoother Rin. Perhaps an Append for the twins? But then again, whenever a new Vocaloid comes out, everyone says, "Oh! They sound like ______," So perhaps I should save my judgement.)

    I really like the first demo song! <3 Very smooth. Can't wait for more.

  2. A splicing project would be interesting, but I'm hoping for an altogether new Vocaloid. Her voice sounds very adaptable!

    J/k sounds really mysterious and interesting, can't wait for equally puzzling developments <3

  4. I swear it's fake. It's an edited Miku or Luka, and one of the members on OUF pointed out that it sounds too similar to Luka's Stardust Utopia, so similar it's almost like an edited pitching – so unless the creator had access to the original vsq, uh…

  5. I've seen adds around the website; is it possible it's just an editing program being demoed? That what it looks like was being sort of pimped throughout the site.

    (-still stands by that the pronunciation sounds like Rin, but, whatevs.)

  6. I like her voice, although it's similar to Miku, in a way, she still has her own. I think her outfit theme should be black and white! :3

      1. no, I’m just saying, that this could be like Pokemon all over again – there are WAY too many pokemon! I hope Vocaloid doesn’t become like that!

        1. Announcing a new Vocaloid just as another is about to be released =/= releasing over 100 all at once. How is more voices a bad thing, anyway?

  7. I say Mizki's real since, as soft-n-fluffy said, I highly doubt Yamaha and the Vocaloid store is going to troll people. Some people thought DTM was trolling with Lily, but turns out she was real.

  8. But if yamaha sell voicebank, their customer will be dead, since their customer is not end-user but the companies. Unhealthy competition hoho

    I can’t hear new timbre of a voice, Stardust Utopia just sound like new kind of expression style of Luka it has inserted Len in lower notes phonem, and Polyrhytm sound like Miki lead + Rin low. I demand a technology to combine & blend multivoicebank in one layertrack, mission impossible? xixixixixi

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