Weekly UTAU Ranking #91 – Let Summer SING

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More MMD Cup, more Teto, more Teto, more Teto, and more Yufu. Sounds good to me. Let’s dive right in.

Sorry for the wait. It’s time for this week’s UtaRan.

This week is Oban, huh… I wonder if a lot of people will go.

As the holidays continue, does everyone have plans for going out? Because this is a common time of year for accidents, please be careful, okay?

Incidentally, this is the uploader’s 3rd consecutive Oban where he has to work. Even though he thought he would be off of work this year…w

Everyone, please fully enjoy your break~♪

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  • OP: 羽音りりオリジナル曲『ふわりり』Really calming and pretty! So realistic. Hardly any slur if this is VCV. Ah, I remember Lily! This is a nice original. Not to be confused with Vocaloid Lily, though she sounds kinda like it.





Here’s this week’s information corner. First we’ll be continuing the MMD Cup entries with UTAU characters in the videos. Here are the top five videos of the ones that would qualify point-wise for the ranking.

#5: 【第5回MMD杯予選】ぴゅあぴゅあはーと【和音マコ誕生祭記念作品】
#4: 【第5回MMD杯予選】うたうん!2期#4【けいおん!×UTAU×チャー研】
#3: 【第5回MMD杯予選】あてぶりショー2
#2: 【第5回MMD杯予選】MMD大戦【VOCALOIDvs幻想郷vs765プロ】
#1: 【第5回MMD杯予選】Voc@loidM@ster祭

There are a lot of entries for the MMD Cup. If you haven’t checked them out already, be sure to do so!

Next is the new voicebanks section. Before that, we’re including the UTAU N and Usagi with an apology, since we missed them the first time. This week there are 14 new voicebanks with the aforementioned two. Here are the top ten according to points. It’d be nice if you checked out all of the new voicebanks~

Ishinomori Han
Kobe Nikusu
Usane Ropu
Otowa Eco
Soine Shiro (May I say I don’t mind the voice (its okay), but the design is awesome.) Yes, you may. 8D
Takokokoko (wait what) (….)
Toune Shiyu
(currently unnamed)
(currently unnamed)
Ganne Risa

Mixed bag this week. Found a few songs I really like, but also a handful I didn’t like at all. But seeing more originals than covers is a great thing (now where is my Ruko, Koto, and Tei??).

So I kind of MIA’d last week~ Sorry about that. Hectic and distractions were every which way and Lily also grabbed my attention again now I can listen to her. But, This week was pretty Teto at the end… Meh.

Kind of harried this week, so I’ll make this quick. Good week overall. Teteteto covering the top three, but good songs. As expected of the masters (Death Ohagi/Yurahonya, Kino and Murata for 3rd, 2nd and 1st respectively). A few good Yufu selections made the top twenty from Yufu’s Day, and that’s good, because for a while I thought I was the only one who cared about those things. ._.

(runs in, obviously very late) I AM NOT LATE! –pantpant- I have three excus- I mean, reasons to pardon me for being late. PSAT, ordering the BRS nendoroid, and recording Hana’s Chinese. So yeah. Anyway, I think it was a pretty standard week, a mix-bag of nothing really special with mostly Teto at the end. Ehhhhhh should have seen it coming.

Well that’s all for this week. Join us next week, and maybe we’ll see a wild Ito? ^_~ I hope you’re a fan of The Doors…

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