Mozaik Role Hits One Million Views!

Image source: たま

Finally, after more than a year we have our first GUMI song which has reached one million views over on Nico Nico Douga and it’s none other than Mozaik Role on Aug 10th 2010 at 17:33 hours Japan Time. And what’s more amazing is that this song managed to achieve the feat in less than one month after it was uploaded, all thanks to DECO*27 and the people behind the PV. For credits, more information and images about the song just continue reading after the break.

Producer/music – DECO*27
Movie – akka, mitro

(Trio Amatou is made up of DECO*27, akka and mitro, in which the name could be translated as “Sweets-Loving Trio”)

One possible interpretation is that this song comprises of GUMI’s positive, rational self represented by a bright colored GUMI and her negative, bitter side illustrated as a dark GUMI. She is confused by her conflicting feelings about the meaning of love as the both of them struggles over it. The dark GUMI attempts to kill the bright GUMI, saying that nothing is important at all.

However the bright GUMI manages to reach a decision and convince her that they are indeed loved and reconciles with her dark self, making the dark GUMI dissolve and disappear. Related to Coward Montblanc, it’s not exactly known on GUMI’s eventual decision but at least she won’t be totally ignoring her feelings.

But then there could be more than one possible interpretation of the song, does any viewer here have their own interpretations as well? Post it in the comments and let us discuss~ =)

And here’s a couple of images created by the PV artists themselves about the song:

Image source: akka
Image source: mirto

And onto the images created by other artists on Pixiv. Enjoy~

Image source: そうめん特盛
Image source: 伊東ォオオオオオオオオン
Image source: 祐壱
Image source: 詩音@ついった
Image source: 日蚊
Image source: 万田@ついったーなう
Image source: miya
Image source: 野崎つばた
Image source: MACCO
Image source: R@8月多忙

Congrats to Mozaik Role reaching one million views and now that we have the first million views GUMI song maybe these two songs (both with over 800K views each currently) will be next? It will be worth looking forward to~

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9 thoughts on “Mozaik Role Hits One Million Views!”

  1. well~ Deco*27 has started to walk with Gumi after Yowamushi Montblanc and another song too.. well congratz xD

  2. this is the first time I've heard this song… I really like it! I love the guitar in this song!!!

  3. As fast as it is, one month isn't the fastest a song's hit the Hall of Fame. I think the record was three days.

  4. I was sure that Yowamushi Monburan would be first/had already reached that mark…. Still, go Mozaik Role! And everyone behind it.

  5. wryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy= the sound of the roadroller!!!

    tru that Coward Montblanc will hit one mil…. but both songs a really good

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