New Vocaloid From AHS Announced! *Updated 3*

Update on Aug 16th: A song demo video for the new Vocaloid has been included in the article.

Update on Aug 20th: Edits made to correct all relevant information in the article.

Update on Aug 21st: More clarifications made, “Rio” is NOT confirmed to be the Vocaloid’s name as from what we know.

Yes, we will be having another Vocaloid joining the family and this time round it’s from AH-Software Co. Ltd., in which the news was announced during this year’s summer Comiket. For more information just continue reading after the break!

(There’s quite a bit of background noises in the video due to the venue (Comiket 78), but at least that’s what we have for now)

Although we still don’t know the name of the Vocaloid or who the official illustrator will be but what we do know that Sanrio was chosen by AHS in a random pick for the Vocaloid collaboration due to Sanrio having its 50th anniversary. The new Vocaloid’s public showing will be in September and sales will begin in October.

Currently that’s about the information known about the new Vocaloid, we will be posting more about her when the information and song demos are up.

Information thanks to Vocaforum staff Miyuki for the heads-up.

Info source: Hatsune MikuMiku blog, here and here

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36 thoughts on “New Vocaloid From AHS Announced! *Updated 3*”

    1. It has been officially stated that Rio is NOT the next Vocaloid. There was confusion because of locations pictures taken, and AHS cleared this up.

  1. .___. She looks like Lily! And Lily looks like Rin and Luka.
    Oh my. I want a Vocaboy joining the Vocafamily. |:

    1. Rio was designed WAAAY before Lily was LOL
      She's had a MikuMikuDance model since like…..late last year/really early this year o-o

  2. She’s cute… but I don’t think I’ll ever get over the fact that she’s a %&$#ing Hello Kittyloid.
    But here’s to hopefully a more successful Vocaloid than AHS’s other ones.

    Maybe we can get a male next….

  3. Keep in mind that the "demo" has been rumored to be miki or Lily's voice; I haven't confirmed this but it may be true.

  4. I know it’s human nature to compare things to other things, but I wish people would shut up. I don’t really care how they look as long as they sound good.

    I don’t really mind the lack of male VOCALOIDs. If you really want a male VOCALOID, you need to consider how difficult it is to record a male voice. Apparently, it’s more difficult to make one.

    1. So basically, we should give up hope in getting more male voices because it takes a little more effort to make a guy?

      1. I didn’t say to give up hope; what I mean is that you should be patient if you want a guy. Don’t go off complaining when a female VOCALOID is released.

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