Kagamine Len Append Update, Rin’s Append Sweet Revealed!

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Information from Crypton’s Vocaloid2 CV Twitter account has revealed a test version of Rin’s Append Sweet and there’s also more information regarding Len’s Append which was made known recently. More to be revealed after the jump!


First off here’s the sample with Rin’s Append Sweet which goes in the order of Miku (Append Sweet) then followed by Rin (Append Sweet). Do take note that the Append is still in its experimental stage so do expect possible updates and changes in the future.

Now onto the news regarding Len’s Append. According to this tweet Crypton has just finished the sound check for the Alpha version of Kagamine Len’s Append and they will be planning to show his Append voice latest by January next year. Recording for Len’s Append will continue tomorrow throughout the week.

That’s about the information we have for now. More to be revealed when the news is made known. =)

Information thanks to Aster for the notification.

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14 thoughts on “Kagamine Len Append Update, Rin’s Append Sweet Revealed!”

  1. Not digging Rin’s Sweet voice so far.
    Though, Sweet is my least favorite voice on Miku Append…

    Appends are nice and all… but I’d rather just have a new Vocaloid.
    Where’s CV04, Crypton?

  2. OMG, love it. <3
    Even if she sound a little like Miku, it's look like she's singing to herself.
    Can't wait to hear her famous songs with her new Sweet and Power Append.
    GO, RIN. LOVE YOU. <3

    Well, she may sound like Miku, but I think her voice is more clear. Just my opinion.

    And, sorry for the bad english. I'm Brazilian. 8D

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