Yamaha Vocaloid Store Updated, VY1 Deluxe Package Available

The image of VY1:, regular on left, deluxe on right. (Image source: IT media)

On August 13th, Yamaha updated their store with pre-orders for their new Vocaloid, simply titled VY1 — the “MIZKI” codename was just in relation to the ‘hanamizuki‘ theme (a type of flower). Read on below for more info.

In addition to just the software, which will cost 11,800 yen, there is a deluxe version available for 3,000 yen more. The deluxe version comes with a T-shirt, a face towel, stickers, a special case, and a compilation CD. The CD features covers and arrangements by well-known producers, and along with the songs, there are different designs drawn out for VY1. VY1 has no set character design, and is actually the first Japanese Vocaloid to be released as such. This is ostensibly because VY1 is to be considered a product for professional musicians.

Pre-orders end on the 25th and the software will be available starting September 1st, but if you pre-order you also get a special VY1 tumbler.

For those who want a better feel for VY1’s voice, the songs “Flower and Water” and “648 Song” are being used as a tool for comparison between voicebanks.

There are versions of “Flower and Water” using Miku’s soft append, GUMI, and Lily, and versions of “648 Song” using Miku’s light append and Lily, for better comparison. (“648 Song” was a Hatsune Miku original that was first released back in early 2009 as an example of using just iPhone applications to produce a song.)

DK says:

Wow… a hairpin and hand-held fan Vocaloid. Now this is an odd turn for our beloved vocal bank application (mostly because we’re so used to seeing them “personified” in a way). Well, you know what to do, Japan…

Sources: Hatsune Miku Miku, IT media, CloseBox and OpenPod

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