Weekly UTAU Ranking #93 – Change, Festival, Thought

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MMD Cup V is in full swing now, and we get to behold the wonders of a bad AAple, a Yatterman parody, and an intense hatred of mosquitoes. The title for this week’s UtaRan comes from the three themes for this MMD Cup, although the kanji themselves can be interpreted in whatever way the participant wants. Ah, so exciting! I can’t wait to watch all the videos!

Oh, wait, I was here to do something… ah yes, UTAU ranking. I’ll get right on that.

Sorry for the wait. It’s time for this week’s UTAU ranking.

The MMD Cup has officially begun♪ Lots of videos have been uploaded since last time. We’ll show some of the videos during this week’s topic section, but be sure to check out more of the videos♪

As we mentioned before, the “let’s vote on songs we like and make an album!” project voting has begun! The voting will continue until September 4th, so be sure to check it out! URL: http://a-sanutau.sakura.ne.jp/

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Here’s this week’s information corner. First up are the MMD Cup videos that have to do with UTAU. Since there are a lot of videos up for voting, this week we’ll do the first ten, and we’ll cover the others next week. Well then, here they are!

#10: 【第5回MMD杯本選】ショートフィルム「グルグル」【テト&ミク競演】SUPAH CHIMERA TETO TO THE RESCUUUUE
#9: 【第5回MMD杯本選】裸のお姉さん(オリジナル)【重音テト】Nanami Teto I miss you TT
#8: 【第5回MMD杯本選】ウッターマン – My absolute favorite. I hope this wins an award just for being awesome. WTF is Yowa wearing? And Defoko’s hat spawns copies of that…leg…UTAU…-remembers- Brain Bleach. Please. Ehhh? Not a fan of Uttaman? What about Yatterman?
#7: 【第5回MMD杯本選】テトさんたちが おわかりいただけたようですCan I have the Brain Bleach…again? I know I just used it, but…
#6: 【第5回MMD杯本選】おちゃめ機能【MMD-PV】Now that is how to pull off a Fukkireta.
#5: 【第5回MMD杯本選】エナメル戦隊にゃんこロイドAre those SHINY chibi models? Must have.
#4: 【第5回MMD杯本選】チェス【盤上遊戯】…What’s wrong with Miku? …Did you watch the vid?
#3: 【第5回MMD杯本選】KAITOの新婚生活【テト、結婚編】BRB, LMAO. Kaito certainly seems nervous about getting married. …Did you watch the vid?
#2: 【第5回MMD杯本選】トップレス&ヌード(ミク,リン,ルカ,メイコ,テト)See above. Definitely a lot of talking…
#1: 【第5回MMD杯本選】テトトラマンタロウ – The fight was REALLY well-done, and it’s nostalgic as can be, but I still like Uttaman better. Toku UTAU to the rescue!

That’s all for this week’s MMD Cup videos. There are a lot of participating videos, so if you haven’t seen any of them, you should watch some!

Next is the new voicebanks corner. But before that, we’re including Rai’s voicebank this week with an apology, since we missed it the first time. This week there are eleven new voicebanks, so here they are, ordered according to points.

(currently unnamed)
Shitsuka En (I think?)
Konoto Zoru
Touka Setsu
Rai (dear God what the hell is this) Oh God.
Masami Kiaru and Chane Niyo
Kimura Tsuki and Tanaka Nori
Ninja (I guess?)
Mizuamene Ochi

Well, you guys can call me an official Yufu fangirl. Darnit…. Anyhow, not an overly amazing week, but there were a handful of great picks. Oh, and if anyone comes across a way to the Marble album (that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg) so let deztora and myself know? I’ll give you internet cookies~

Hear hear! Same goes for the Teto compilation CD Graduation From Lie, though I haven’t seen that being sold anywhere, really… And might I just take a moment to say welcome to the Yufu fanclub, Bunny! Y’know, back in the day, I used to not like Yufu too. But I quickly realized how awesome she was and got won over. Her cover of Alice helped♪ I think my usual “dislike” (more like “indifference,” really) for her was because I tend to prefer faster-paced songs and most people use her on very slow ballads, but lately shes been featured in more unique and head-bobbing songs.

Anyway, not a fantastic, mind-blowing week, but not too bad. I think the point totals were pretty low this week, but mostly everyone’s concentrating on MMD Cup right now, so let’s give that our attention. Change, festival, thought… what will come out on top?

Join us next week for more exciting UTAU action! And be sure to comment with your thoughts! I like knowing people care. ^^;

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