Happy 3rd Birthday, Hatsune Miku!

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It’s been three years since our virtual diva was released and the staff here at Vocaloidism have definitely remembered her special day. So this will be a birthday article dedicated to Hatsune Miku for all the great songs she has sung thanks to the talented Producers around so just continue reading after the break for more!

First of all here’s a few of the memorable Miku songs created since her last birthday. Song descriptions are open to interpretations so it’s pretty much up to individual fans and viewers.

Song: Rolling Girl
Producer: wowaka (GenjitsutouhiP)
Lyrics, Arrange, Compose – wowaka (GenjitsutouhiP)

In this song the lonely girl is trying to overcome her obstacle/barrier in life (“Rolling” being a metaphor for working towards one’s goal, and in this case overcoming the differences between her and other people so she can make friends with them). She tries to roll across the obstacle, but she keeps failing due to the difficulty of rolling up a hill and hurts herself. However she keeps on trying as she convinces herself that she can do it.

A person next to her asks whether she has succeeded yet, but she doesn’t seem to be making any progress all the time. She manages to succeed in the end as the person who has been with her all this while says that it’s enough and she doesn’t have to try too hard anymore.

Song – ARiA
Producer – TokuP
Lyrics – lino, TokuP, 木緒なち
Compose, Arrange – TokuP
Guitar and video – sleepwalker
Bass – ORYO (タンバリンP)
Illustrations – refeia
Logo and design – 木緒なち

The video for this song starts out just like a RPG with settings in a mystical land, except it’s the future Earth we know and that the girl in the video has been separated from the person she likes, she searches for him using the ARiA (Autonomous Reactive integral Attribute) program, but to no success. As her life ends she hopes that he will eventually find her on the planet where she’s on.

Song – Hatsune Miku no Gekishou
Producer – cosMo@BousouP
Lyrics – GAiA
Song, Arrange – cosMo@BousouP
Illustration – Hidari (左)

The song talks about Miku being alive in everyone’s mind even as she disappears, it’s the songs and memories that keeps her alive. Miku eventually comes to the conclusion that she’s (the Vocaloids) loved and appreciated as she sings of a happy ending.

Song – Matryoshka (vocal by Miku and GUMI)
Producer – Hachi
PV, Lyrics – Hachi

Another instant favorite Hachi song featuring Miku and GUMI, this song has reached 500k views in just half a month it was uploaded. Matryoshka refers to the Russian dolls and the descriptions for it can be found in intermissions of the video, in Japanese and in other languages as well.

Song – Kuuchuu Aquarium
Producer – 40mP

In summary this song is about a fish dreaming to swim in the sky. It’s a refreshing VocaRock song.

Song – Monochro ∞ Blue Sky
Producer – Noboru↑P
Illustration, Movie – 2D

Ever felt you were at your limits with things in life? Well, perhaps looking at the blue sky will cheer you up. Because that’s what this song is about~

Song – Candy or Dream
Music, Lyrics – doriko
Guitar – kiru
Illustration – nezuki

A VocaRock song done by doriko with over 250k views on Nico currently and a dozen of Nico singers have covered this song.

And onto the birthday songs created specially for Miku.

From the male staff behind the Project DIVA team comes this version of “Dear Cocoa Girls” as sung by them.

More Miku birthday songs can be found using this tag.

And onto the birthday illustrations done by artists on Pixiv. Enjoy~

Image source: 月穂
Image source: 春
Image source: 百円ライター
Image source: ひの
Image source: ria
Image source: 由杞
Image source: 肋兵器
Image source: ゆせ

Happy birthday once again, Miku. Hope we can get to hear more awesome songs from you in the future. =D

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  1. Happy Birthday Miku! My first and favorite Vocaloid! Thank you and all your producers for enriching my life through song, art, and story!

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