Servant of Evil Manga Confirmed!

Yes, it’s been made known that the popular Len song “Servant of Evil” which has over two million views on Nico Nico Douga will be serialized in the monthly issue of “Comic Rush” magazine. For more information just continue reading after the break!

“Servant of Evil” (or Aku no Meshitsukai), which originated as a Len song created by AkunoP using the Kagamine Rin/Len Vocaloid software, is the sequel to Rin’s “Daughter of Evil” (Aku no Musume) made also by the same producer. With the various illustrations on Piapro and attention brought about by viewers on NND the song has since surpassed two million views, making it a remarkable achievement on its own.

The manga serialization will begin in the November issue of Comic Rush (release date – September 25th 2010) with Nekoyama Miyao (猫山宮緒) doing the illustrations. A bonus DVD containing the songs “Daughter of Evil” and “Servant of Evil” will also be included in the November issue as well.

Info source: Comic Rush

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39 thoughts on “Servant of Evil Manga Confirmed!”

  1. But guys…
    Remember, this may/may not follow Akuno-P’s canon. O.o

    Still looking forward to it.
    I’m a little bummed. I was hoping they’d wait for me to improve my drawing skills so I could make a doujin…

  2. Very nice! I really took a liking to the song and PV after seeing it just a week or so ago, and I look forward to seeing the story expanded upon.

    For those wondering what novel it's the novel Akuno-P released with all sorts of juicy backstory. ^^

  4. I want this in English sooo bad! Servant of Evil is one of my favorite songs by the Vocaloids!!


  6. nawww 
    we need it in ENGLISH!!!
    it is one of my fav vocaloid songs and it has alot of feeling to it…
    atleast but it up on the internet in english

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