New Vocaloid Gachapoid From Internet Co. Ltd!

Box Art for Gachapoid

From the same company which brought us Gakupo, GUMI and Lily there will be another new Vocaloid joining the family and it will be Gachapoid. The news was revealed weeks earlier but for those who may not know about this new Vocaloid then please continue reading after the jump to know more~

Gachapoid is actually based on the design of the popular Gachapin character (image below), a green bucktoothed dinosaur who appeared in the children’s program Hirake! Ponkikki on Fuji TV.

Currently two demo songs have been uploaded and you can listen to them below.

The recommended tempo for Gachapoid would be between 90-150 BPM while his recommended range is from F2-A3.

As with the first-press release of the software a special green Gachapoid case together with a free 6-month subscription to Nico Nico Douga’s premium services will be included in the package as well.

Gachapoid is set to be released on October 8th, 2010.

Info and image source: Internet Co. Ltd., Fuji TV, Wikipedia

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25 thoughts on “New Vocaloid Gachapoid From Internet Co. Ltd!”

  1. Is the design for this going to be a dinosaur? I kinda hope fan art will just make a green human form or something. Or else this new Vocaloid is doomed.

    1. I can hear him just fine, and make out every word he says |:C
      you must be going deaf, turn your headphones down.

  2. Why do I feel like someone should make a human version of Gachapoid? :V

    The voice is umm… okay, but seriously? What's it's use here, i wonder? D:

  3. Really?Nothing but complaints…well I seriously like him he is unique and cute.(and i really hope we hear no more "we need a new male vocaloid")

  4. its a dinosaur!? i thought it was a frog o.0 i can definitely understand him better than miku, but his voice is a little annoying

  5. Why is it ppl always bash new Vocaloid’s? It drives me nuts that they let Miku steal the spotlight, it’s not she better, she’s only popular because when she came out, proffesionals made songs with her that took alot of time. It’s just sad to see unappreciation for Vocaloids that have more potential than Miku’s voice, like Tonio, Lily, and that includes Gachapoid, HE WAS MADE FOR KIDS!*HINT**HINT* All the stupid Miku hype makes me like her less and less.And don’t get me wrong, i think she is great, but it’s not about the songs proffesionals made, it’s about the vocal potentials, and i don’t think miku has the highest potenial.

  6. …LOL.
    this is the first I've heard of Gacha. its voice is very unusual. and nasally.
    I'm curious of what type of person they were intending on marketing this to?
    I mean, Miku was for young pop, Luka was for more soul, obviously, and Sonika was for sweet songs…
    But it's a dinosaur! O3O that's amazing.

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